YEDI Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for New Recruit

Download YEDI recruitment past questions. These page contains the most up to date YEDI past questions PDF and answers for all applicants.   

Do you want to join YEDI Nigeria? The YEDI Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for applicants applying for the 2020 recruitment is here. Download the complete past questions and answers for Youth and Development Initiative (YEDI), recruitment interview.

YEDI Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

YEDI anually conducts recruitment for peer educators into their organisation. Established in 201, YEDI strives to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria through educative adolescent activities. Her interventions are done in schools where participants are sensitised on reproductive health and HIV prevention/malaria prevention. YEDI offers these interventions to adolescent aged 10-19 years. This age range are appropriated based on her various Skillz Curriculum.

If you must take part in the forth coming YEDI Recruitment Interview, then it is important that you download the YEDI Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Some of the questions which are asked over the years will be highlighted below but you must download the full PDF to access all the questions and answers.


  1. What is the full meaning of YEDI?
  2. How do you understand Grassroot Soccer and what is it?
  3. What are the five body fluids through which HIV is commonly spread?
  4. Mention the list of Skillz Curriculum in YEDI Nigeria.
  5. What is the meaning of HIV/AIDS?
  6. What is the most effective way to avoid the spread of HIV in Nigeria?
  7. What is the most common way HIV is spread in Nigeria?
  8. A bite from what type of Mosquito causes Malaria?
  9. Why is HIV a big risk in Nigeria?
  10. In what year was YEDI established?


To download YEDI’s past question and answers for job interview and screening exercise, you are to pay a sum of N, 2000 naira only, to our contact person using the details below for bank deposit.


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0254749899

BANK NAME: Guarantee Trust Bank

After payment, send the following to 08102316875. After you’ve send the details required below, the past questions will be forwarded to your email in soft copy PDF format.

  • The depositors name and your name.
  • Your email address and phone number.

NOTE: Send the details mentioned above to 08102316875.

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