University of Uyo Teaching Hospital UUTH School of Health Information Management SHIM Past Questions and Answers

UUTH School of Health Information Management Past Questions

In case you are searching for the UUTH School of Health Information Management past questions,  then I am proud to welcome you to the hub. Here, we avail the candidates of the past questions to further embolden their preparadness for the entrance examination. The past questions we offer are gotten from the last 5 editions of the exams and they add up to about 300 in all. They are then organised into an ebook (pdf).

As you keep reading then it is my belief that you wish to acquire the ebook. If you are still not very sure, may be I should give you three solid reasons you should hurry and get your copy: (1) With the ebook you stand a chance of knowing what the examiner would be expecting from you in terms of the areas you should focus one; (2) you stand to know how the questions are structured; (3) you have access to some questions which you will see in the examination. The following are some samples for you:

Sample UUTH School of Health Information Management Past Questions

  1. In cold condition the mammalian body reacts in the following ways except

A) shivering of the body

B) dilation of the capillaries supplying blood to the skin

C) constriction of blood capillaries in the skin

D) increased rate of chaemical changes in the body

2. Calculate the volume in cm3 of oxygen evolved at s.t.p when a current of 5A is passed through acidified water for 193s? [F = 96500 C mol1. Molar volume of a gas at s.t.p = 22.4dm3]

A) 0.056dm3

B) 0.224dm3

C) 224.000dm3

D) 56.000dm3

3. Which of the following is NOT part of an a.c generator?

A) Commutator

B) Armature

C) Field magnet

D) Carbon brushes

E) Slip rings

4. The glomerular filtrate contains the following substances except

A) water

B) urea

C) blood corpuscles

D) glucose

5. Diamond cannot be used

A) In making bicycle chains

B) As abrasives

C) In cutting glass and metals

D) As dies for drawing wires

6. In a simple pendulum experiment, a boy observed that the times for 30 oscillations are 70.0s, 72.0s and 67.0s respectively. Calculate the mean period of oscillation of the pendulum.

A) 0.14s

B) 0.43s

C) 2.32s

D) 2.40s

E) 6.97s

7. Which of the following endocrine glands is a master gland?

A) Pituitary gland

B) Thyroid gland

C) Pancreas

D) Ovary

8. Ethanol is soluble in water due to the presence of a

A) Carbonyl group

B) Hydroxyl groupd

C) Phenyl group

D) Methyl group

9. The specific heat of a substance in the solid state is C1; its specific beat in the liquid state is C2 and its latent heat of fusion is L. If a mass M of the substance is changed from the solid state at temperature T, to the liquid state, also at temperature T, the amount of heat required will be

A) M(C1÷ C2) x T


C) L

D) M(C1+ C2) × T ÷ ML

E) ML(C1+ C2÷ 2) × T

10. The endocrine gland secreting hormone that induces the thyroid gland to produce more thyroxine is

A) islets of Langerhans

B) adrenal gland

C) pituitary gland

D) parathyroid gland

Subjects Combination for School of Health Information Management

  • Biology
  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

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