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By | May 14, 2020

UPTH School of Nursing Past Questions PDF – Do you need UPTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers for 2020 examination preparations? If so, then we glad that you arrived at the right place to download the past questions you need. 

Currently, we have been able to put together an up to date UPTH Post Basic Nursing exams past questions and answers for on this page. To scale through the 2020 entrance examination for University of Port Harcourt Post Basic program and admission, the UPTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers will be of great importance to you. On this note, we recommend you to download 2020 updated past questions for UPTH School of Nursing.  Paediatric  

Sample Questions:

1. Adrenalin is considered as a hormone for “fright and flight” because it

A. controls the fluid content of the body

B. is used in protein metabolism

C. plays a role in the pH balance of the body fluids

D. prepares the body for action.

2. Which of the following organs in humans is responsible for the removal of excess water?

A. The spleen

B. The kidney

C. Large intestine

D. Small intestine

3. In humans, which of the following pairs of hormones correspond to male and female respectively?

A. Oestroqen and adrenalin

B. Progesterone and testosterone

C. Testosterone and oestrogen

D. Adrenalin and progesterone

4. If the cerebellum of a person is slightly damaged, which of the following will be impaired?

A. vision

B. Walking

C. Breathing

D. Digestion

5. The structure of the ear that is responsible for balancing is the

A. semi-circular carnals

B. pinna

C. auditory nerve

D. fenestra ovalis

6. When a person moves from a darkroom into bright light, the pupil becomes

A. red

B. larger

C. white

D. smaller

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