Unical Teaching Hospital Nursing School Past Questions

Unical Teaching Hospital Nursing School Past Questions

Unical Teaching Hospital Nursing School past questions: This is the portal from where you could get the Unical Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions. I believe you know the entrance examinations to the above school is around the corner. In order to make it easier for the candidates, we have compiled past questions from the past five years of the exams into an ebook for your ease of access. The ebook contains about 300 questions and answers. As a bonus for visiting our site, we provide a few sample questions for you to try out, but to take full advantage of this opportunity; you would need to acquire the complete ebook.

Samples Of the Unical Teaching Hospital Nursing School Past Questions

  1. Which of the following statements best describes haemoglobin? It is

A) yellowish in colour

B) a red blood cell

C) an oxygen carrying pigment

D) needed for blood clotting

2. A sound wave from a ship is received 8.4s later. What is the depth of the sea? [Speed of sound in water = 1500ms-1]

 A) 0.179km

B) 0.357km

C) 3.150km

D) 6.300km

E) 12.600km

3. Water can be obtained as the only product during the

A) combustion of hydrocarbons

B) neutraliization of an acid by base

C) combustion of hydrogen

D) electrolysis of brine

4. Inhaled air is made warm and moist in the

A) epiglottis

B) nasal cavity

C) trachea

D) mouth

5. Which of the following statements about a gas is NOT correct?

 A) It has no definite shape

B) It is compressible

C) Its molecules are closely packed

D) Its molecules gain kinetic energy when heated

E) Its molecules move about randomly

6. If 10.5g of lead (II) trioxonitrate (V) is dissolved in 20cm3 of distilled water at 18°C, the solubility of the solute in mol dm-3 is [Pb = 207, N = 14, O = 16]

A) 1.60

B) 5.25

C) 16.00

D) 525.00

7. Which of the following structures is not involved in respiration?

A) Lung books

B) Mouth

C) Stomach

D) Trachea

8. A body executing simple harmonic motion has an angular speed of 2π radians. Its period of oscillation is (π 3.14). 

A) 0.05s

B) 1.00s

C) 2.00s

D) 3.14s

E) 6.28s

9. The most suitable instrument for measuring the diameter of a thin wire is a

A) meter rule

B) micrometer screw gauge

C) pair of dividers

D) pair of engineer’s calipers

E) venire calipers

10. For a given solute, the concentration of its saturated solution in different solvents are

A) the same at the same temperature

B) different at the same temperature

C) the same at different temperature

D) constant

Unical Teaching Hospital Nursing School Past Questions

The past questions ebook comes in pdf format which I believe you wouldn’t have any difficulties reading with your mobile device. I consider this ebook a very essential requirement towards a good to excellent performance in the examinations thereby, enhancing your chances of being admitted into the school.

Subject Combinations for Entrance examination Past Questions

The subject combination is usually English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

How to Download the Ebook:

In this section, I will give you a rundown on how to download the ebook. First, may I inform you that the ebook costs 2000 Naira only. This sum would be paid via bank transfer or bank deposit to the account number below:

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0523296040

Account Name: Mkponkeabasi James

How to proceed after payment:

After making the payment as accordingly, kindly forward these details:

  • Depositors name or screen shot of payment receipt for whatsapp users
  • Amount Paid
  • Email Address

To 08100923529 either through whatsapp or via SMS. As soon as the information sent is verified along with the payment, you would receive the ebook through the platform of your choosing.