UNIBEN Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions and Answers – Download Complete Past Question Papers for 2020 Entrance Examination

UNIBEN Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions 

UNIBEN Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions: this is where you have an express access to your UNIBEN Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions. We compile questions from the past five editions of the examinations into an ebook in a pdf format (which means you need a pdf reader in your device) which you can easily access and practice on the go. The ebook consists of about 300 questions and answers. Below are a few samples for you:

Samples Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions

  1. Given that M is the mass of a substance deposited during electrolysis and Q is the quantity of electricity consumed, then Faraday’s first law can be written as [Electrochemical equivalent]

A) M = E/Q

B) M = EQ

C) M = Q/E

D) M = E/2Q

2. Which of the following actions is NOT a voluntary action?

A) Stealing

B) Sneezing

C) Fighting

D) Cheating

3. The time t1, t2 and t3 for 20 complete oscillations of a simple pendulum experiment are 32.0s, 34.6s and 35.5s respectively. Calculate the mean period of the pendulum.

A) 1.60s

B) 1.70s

C) 1.73s

D) 1.78s

E) 5.11s

4. The impurities formed during the laboratory preparation of chlorine gas are removed by

A) H2O

B) NH3

C) H2SO4

D) HCl

5. Which of the following parts of the ear does NOT contain endolymph?

A) Semi-circular canals

B) Utriculus

C) Tympanum

D) Sacculus

6. Calculate the magnitude of the electric field intensity in vacuum at a distance of 25cm from a charge of 5 × 10-3C. [Take 1/4πε0]

A) 7.2 × 108NC-1

B) 1.8 × 108NC-1

C) 5.6 × 108NC-1

D) 3.6 × 108NC-1

E) 1.5 × 106NC-1

7. The effect of the presence of impurities such as carbon and sulphur on iron is that they

A) give it high tensile strenght

B) make it malleable and ductile

C) increase its melting point

D) lower its melting point

UNIBEN Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions

UNIBEN Teaching Hospital Nursing Past Questions

Practice, they say, makes perfection which, and I believe practicing these past questions gives one the chance of undergoing the exam and coming out with a perfect grade. This is not to say that when you aquire this ebook that you’ve already passed the exam, but it puts you in a very strong position to do so. This is because it exposes you to the pattern of questions to expect, the main areas to concentrate on, and some of the questions that are likely to come up in the examination.

Subject combination for UNIBEN Teaching Hospital Nursing Examinations:

  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

How to Download:

To download the ebook, please kindly follow these steps. Basically, the ebook goes for the sum of 2000 Naira only. The money is payable to the following account:

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To 08100923529 either through whatsapp or via SMS. Immediately we have verified the payment along with the information you sent, the ebook would be delivered to you.