UMTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Exams

UMTH School of Nursing Past Questions

UMTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers: Welcome to the home of the Universit of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital UMTH School of Nursing  Past questions. Here you have access to questions from the last five editions of the examinations put together in one ebook of pdf format. They would be about 300 questions in all.

With this ebook, you stand a greater chance of performing well in the exam thereby enhancing your chances of getting admitted. It offers you the opportunity to experience beforehand, the question patterns, and some of the questions which would come up in the examination. We have provided some sample for you below:

Sample Questions

  1. The major source of oxides of nitrogen is from the burning of

A) coal

B) wood

C) fuel

D) chlrofluorocarbons

2. Filtrate in the Bowman’s capsule contains vitamins because

A) only all the amount is required by the body

B) they can be reabsorbed into the blood

C) they have low molecular weight

D) most of them are fat soluble.

3. An immersion heater is rated 1500W. How long does it take the heater to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water by 30°C? (Assume heat lost to the surrounding is negligible, Specific heat capacity of water 4200Jkg-1K-1)

A) 84s

B) 112s

C) 130s

D) 168s

E) 280s

4. Pore sweat is produced during muscular exercise because

A) the contracting muscles produce water

B) fermentation occurs in muscles

C) the temperature of the body rises

D) the muscle fatigues

5. The acid used in electrolysis of water is dilute



C) H2SO4

D) HCl

6. Which of the following cells does not require a dipolar for effective and efficient delivery of current?

A) Daniel cell

B) Dry Leclanche cell

C) Nickel-iron accumulator

D) Voltaic cell

E) Wet Leclanche cell

7. What volume of 1.5M solution of KOH would contain 0.045 moles?

A) 67.50 cm3

B) 30.00 cm3

C) 6.75 cm3

D) 3.00 cm3

8. Which of the following neurons may not have myelin sheath?

A) Effector cells

B) Intermediate neurons

C) Motor neurons

D) Sensory neurons

9. Which of the following is an effector organ?

A) Tongue

B) Skin

C) Nose bridge

D) Ear glands

10. Two images Y and X are formed by a plane mirror and a convex mirror respectively. Which of the following is correct about their characteristics?

A) Both are inverted

B) The magnification of Y is greater than one while that of X is one

C) The magnification of Y is one while that of X is less than one

D) Y is inverted while X is erect

E) Y is real while X is virtual.

11. The salt formed from a reaction between citric acid and sodium hydroxide in solution will be

A) acidic

B) basic

C) complex

D) neutral

12. During sexual reproduction in Paramecium, how many times does the zygote divide to produce eight nuclei?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

13. The work done in extending a spring by 40mm is 1.52J. Calculate the elastic’constant of the spring.

A) 38.8 Nm-1

B) 60.8 Nm-1

C) 190.0 Nm-1

D) 1900.0 Nm-1

E) 3800.0 Nm-1

14. The colour changes observed when testing for reducing agents using acidified potassium heptaoxodichromate (IV) solution is

A) yellow to purple

B) orange to green

C) green to orange

D) purple to yellow

Subjects Combination for  the UMTH School of Nursing entrance examinations:

  1. Physics
  2. English
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology

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