UITH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Entrance Exams

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UITH School of Nursing Past Questions


Qts 1. Which of the following food substances is digested in the stomach?

A) Carbohydrate

B) Fats and oil

C) Fats and proteins

D) Proteins

E) Carbohydrates and fats

Qts 2. Which of the following hormones is produced during fright or when agitated?

A) Insulin

B) Adrenalin

C) Thyroxine

D) Pituitrin

E) Progesterone

Qts 3. Below are some group of diseases. Which group of diseases is caused by bacteria?

A) Tuberculosis, smallpox

B) Gonorrhoea, measles

C) Tuberculosis, polio

D) Sleeping sickness, measles

Qts 4. What is the genetic ratio of a cross between homozygous tall plant and a homozygous dwarf plant?A) 0 tall : 4 short

B) 3 tall : 1 short

C) 2 short : 2 tall

D) 1 tall : 1 short

E) 4 tall : 0 short

Qts 5. Milk protein is hydrolyzed by

A) renin
B) amylase

C) lipase

D) lactase

E) pepsin

Qts 6. If Benedict’s solution gives a positive result in a food test, the food contains

A) sugar

B) protein

C) oil

D) fat

E) cellulose

Qts 7. Which of the following statements is NOT true of menstruation?

A) It occurs monthly

B) The discharge contains amniotic fluid

C) Its signifies no conception

D) It involves the lining of uterus

E) It may cause pains

Qts 8. Which of these substance is likely to be deficient in the diet of a person having goitre?

A) potassuim

B) calcium

C) iodine

D) sodium

E) Phosphorus

Qts 9. Kwashiorkor is caused by severe deficiency of

A) Water

B) Oil

C) Drugs

D) Proteins

E) Sugars

Qts 10. Which of the vertebra has a projection called odontoid process?

A) Atlas

B) Axis

C) Thoracic

D) Lumber

E) Caudal

Qts 11. In the enzyme (amlyase) reactions of starch, sugar starch is referred to as the

A) substrate

B) product

C) enzyme

D) enzyme-substrate complex

E) reaction mixture

Qts 12. Which of the following lists of diseases, their causes and transmission is CORRECT?

A) Cholera: virus, severe diarrhoea: infected water

B) Malaria: protozoan, high fever: contact with infected person

C) Syphilis: virus, venereal disease: sexual intercourse

D) Small pox: virus, skin with blister: close contact with infected person

E) Sleeping sickness: bacteria, tiredness, headache and dozing: tsetse fly bite

Qts 13. In fish the sense organs which detect movements in water are located within the

A) gills

B) operculum

C) nostrils

D) median fin

E) lateral line

Qts 14. A food substance which produces red colouration with Sudan III contains

A) protein

B) sugar

C) starch

D) cellulose

E) fat

Qts 15. Which of the following events does NOT occur during anaerobic respiration of glucose?

A) Muscle cells produce lactic acid

B) Carbon dioxide is produced

C) Milk bacteria produce lactic acid

D) Energy is not produced

E) Germinating seeds produced alcohol

UITH School of Nursing Past Questions

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