UCTH School Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

UCTH School Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

UCTH school of nursing past questions PDF | This page provides you with the geniune UCTH School of Nursing past questions and Answers and there are compiled for all those individuals who have a need for them( most importantly those that are preparing for the exams). These UCTH School of Nursing past questions and Answers questions are gathered from the past eight editions of the school’s entrance examinations. These total up to about  400 questions and answers. These questions are compiled into an ebook in PDF format. Below are few samples which you can carefully practice before downloading the ebook:

Sample UCTH School of Nursing Past Questions

  1. Which of these diseases cannot be spread by an insect? 

A) Cholera

B) Malaria

C) Trypanosomiasis

D) Measles

2. Which of the following statements about the pressure in a liquid is NOT correct? It

A) acts in all direction

B) changes with the material of the container

C) is the same at all points in the same horizontal plane

D) varies with the density of the liquid

E) varies with the depth of the liquid

3. Which of the following metals will show the highest metallic character?

A) Zinc

B) Copper

C) Barium

D) Calcium

4. Air pollution can be reduced by the following methods except

A) building tall factory chimneys

B) passing waste gases through filters and absorbers

C) using lead-free petrol in car

D) recycling tins, cans and bottles

5. Copper metal dissolves in concentrated trioxonitrate (V) acid with the resultant evolution of

A) CO2

B) SO2

C) NO2


6. An effective management of natural resources to ensure their continued yield from generation to generation may involve all the following except

A) protection of wildlife

B) prevention of habitat destruction

C) biological control of pests

D) disposal of raw sewage into the sea

7. A ball of mass 100g falls from a height of 5m onto a concrete floor and rebounds to a height of 3m. Calculate the energy lost. (g = 10ms-2) 

A) 2J

B) 20J

C) 100J

D) 1000J

E) 2000J

8. The type of iron that is best suited for welding, making nails, chains, and iron rods is

A) pig iron

B) wrought iron

C) cast iron

D) iron pyrites

9. Which of the following orders correctly represents the trend in eutrophication?

A) Lack of oxygen → Death of aquatic organisms→ Massive algal growth

B) Excess nitrates and phosphates → Massive algal growth → Lack of oxygen → Death of aquatic organisms

C) Heavy mineralization → Lack of oxygen → Massive algal growth

D) Excess nitrates and phosphates → Lack of oxygen → Massive algal growth → Death of aquatic organisms

UCTH school of nursing past questions

This ebook affords candidates several opportunities such as understanding the patterns the questions are asked; the areas they mostly concentrated on, and most importantly, the first-hand experience of many questions which are likely to repeat in the examination. With all these, one stands a very good chance of performing very well in the exams.

Subject Combination for the UCTH school of nursing examination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Your success is our top priority and we hope to see you obtain UCTH School of Nursing past questions and Answers and carefully prepared for your exams and all we say is good luck.

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