UCH Ibadan School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2023 CBT Entrance Exams

UCH Ibadan School of Nursing Past Questions and answer | Having the UCH Ibadan School of Nursing Past Questions is good but purchasing from the right source is key, as we all know that the UCH Ibadan School of Nursing Examination is most times tough, that is why we have come to help, by offering the best, updated and original UCH Ibadan School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for the benefit and the success of your customers.

UCH Ibadan School of Nursing Past Question and Answers

UCH School of Nursing past questions comprise of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English language. It’s a compilation of past questions obtain from exams held in the past UCH Ibadan School of Nursing. Study few samples below then proceed to place order for the complete past questions.

Sample Questions

1. Which of the following substances is not usually present in the urine of a healthy person?
A. Urea
B. Mineral salts
C. Glucose
D. Water

2. Which of the following statements is true about blood groupings?
A. Group AB can donate blood to all other groups
B. Group 0 are universal recipients.
C. Group A has A antigen in its plasma
D. Group O has no antigen.

3. Which of the following is not a constituent of blood plasma?
A. Proteins
B. Mineral salts
C. Water
D. Platelets

4. The process by which plants convey food material to different parts of the body is called
A. nutrition
B. absorption
C. circulation
D. translocation

5.Which part of the gill of fish is involved in gaseous exchange?
A. Gill slits
B. Gill bars
C. Gill covers
D. Gill filaments

6.Which of the following is not a product of fermentation of glucose?
A. Energy
B. Alcohol
C. Lactic acid
D. Carbon dioxide

7. Which of the following pairs of structures does not perform similar functions?
A. Lungs and spiracles
B. Root hair and mammalian hair
C. Feathers and scales
D. Contractile vacuole and kidney

8. The effect of the contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm is that
A. he volume of the thoracic cavity increases.
B. more carbon dioxide is expelled through the nostrils
C. the rib cage is drawn inwards
D. the intercostal muscle becomes relaxed

9. Which of the following is an excretory product of Amoeba?
A. Urea
B. Ammonia
C. Uric acid
D. Amino acid

10. Which of the following processes occurs when the body temperature of a mammal rises above the normal?
I) The arterioles in the skin dilate. II) Sweat production is reduced. III) The erector muscles contract.
A. I only
B. II only
C. I and III only
D. II and III only

11.The following functions are associated with the liver except
A. regulation of blood sugar
B. production of heat
C. production of fibrinogen
D.. poduction of vitamin

12. Short-sight could be corrected with the use of
A. convex lens
B. cylindrical lens
C. concave lens
D. bifocal lens

13. Which of the following statements about the maize grain is not correct?
A. undergoes hypogeal germination
B. is a fruit
C. is non-endospermous
D. has pericarp fused with the testa

14. In mammals, fertilization usually occurs in the
A. cervix
B. vagina
C. uterus
D. oviduct

15. Which of the following vertebrates incubate their eggs?
A. Mammals
B. Birds
C. Amphibians
D. Reptiles

16. Which of the following is an agent of pollination of grasses?
A. Insects
B. Water
C. Wind
D. Mammals

17. The spinneret found in the caterpillar of butterfly is used for
A. protection against predators
B. feeding on vegetation
C. movement on twigs
D.0 production of silk thread


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