UBTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF – Download Here

By | June 19, 2020

UBTH School of Nursing Past Questions

UBTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers: This is the platform where you are afforded access to the most comprehensive compilations of past questions among which is that of the UBTH School of Nursing entrance examinations. We have collected questions of the last five years’ exams and incorporate them in a pdf formatted ebook for your easy download. The questions number about 300.

UBTH School of Nursing past questions

UBTH School of Nursing Past Questions

Why would you need to acquire this ebook? If you are asking yourself this question, then allow me to help you make the right decision by giving you a few pieces of information you might find useful.Do you need the ebook? If it is your desire to scale through the exams knowing your chances of gaining admission is uncontestable, then yes, you do. This is because with the ebook. You are predisposed to the knowledge of the various topics from which most of the questions are based, and this would enable you streamline your study accordingly. Also, with the ebook, you have the closest thing to an expo since some of the questions you would be confronted with in the exams would be there also. Below are a few samples:

Samples of  UBTH School of Nursing Past Questions

  1. The oxidation state of chlorine in potassium chlorate is

A) +1

B) +2

C) +3

D) +5

E) +7

2. Which radiation is emitted when a beam of fast moving cathode rays is stopped by a heavy element?

A) Alpha rays

B) Gamma rays

C) Positive rays

D) Ultraviolet rays

E) X-rays

3. Natural selection is a consequence of

A) distribution of organisms

B) adverse conditions

C) variation in organisms

D) inbreeding

4. When air which contains the gases oxygen, nitrogen, carbondioxide, water vapour and the rare gases, is passed through alkaline pyrogallol and then over quicklime, the only gases left are;

A) nitrogen and carbondioxide

B) the rare gases

C) nitrogen and oxygen

D) nitrogen and the rare gases

E) nitrogen, carbondioxide and the rare gases

5. An object is projected with a velocity of 50ms-1 from ground level at an angle θ to the vertical. If the total time of flight of the projectile is 5s, what is the value of θ? (g = 10ms-2)

A) 0°

B) 30°

C) 45°

D) 60°

E) 90°

6. Which of the following components of Larmark’s theory of evolution is considered faulty?

A) Individuals of the same species growing under different environmental conditions differ from each other

B) Use of certain organs result in development of those parts

C) Unused organs degenerate

D) Changes that result in individuals of the same species are transmitted to offspring

7. When heat is absorbed during a chemical reaction, the reaction is said to be

A) thermodynamic

B) exothermic

C) isothermal

D) endothermic

E) thermostatic

8. A body of weight 20N displaces 12N of the liquid in which it is immersed. What is the upthrust of the liquid on the body?

A) 240N

B) 32N

C) 20N

D) 12N

E) 8N

9. A vestigial structure in humans is

A) earlobe

B) toe bone

C) tail bone

D) spleen

10. When large hydrocarbon molecules are heated at high temperature in the presence of a catalyst to give smaller molecules, the process is known as

A) disintegration

B) polymerization

C) cracking

D) degradation

E) distillation

Subjects Combinations

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English

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