UATH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Exams

By | June 19, 2020

University of Abuja Teaching Hospital UATH School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

UATH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers: This is the past questions hub. Here we provide you with an aray of past questions including that of the UATH School of Nursing We do not only offer past questions, we go as far as collecting questions of several years of the exams and compile them into an ebook (pdf). The ebook comprises about 300 questions and you could download it to your device.

UATH School of Nursing Past Questions

Why would you need to have this ebook? There are at least three concrete reasons you’d need this ebook. It affords you ample opportunities to learn, of the technicalities with which the questions are framed, the areas to concentrate your studies on, and also some of the questions that are likely to come up in the exams are disposed to you beforehand.

Samples of  UATH School of Nursing Past Questions

  1. Which of the following substances cannot control the growth of harmful microoganisms?

A) Antibiotics

B) Hypertonic salt solution

C) disinfectants

D) isotonic sugar solution

E) Antiseptics

2. The tincture of iodine means iodine dissolved in

A) ethanol

B) bromine chloride

C) chlorine water

D) water

3. Two 2.0Ω resistors can be combined circuit to give an overall resistance of

A) 0.5Ω only

B) 1.0 Ω only

C) either 0,5Ω or 1.0 Ω

D) either 1.0Ω or 4.0 Ω

E) either 0.5Ω, 1.0Ω or 4.0Ω

4. Which of the following is the underling principle in the adoption of biological control of pests?

A) Knowledge of agricultural practices by the farmer

B) relationship between plants and animals

C) the presence of poisonous chemicals in the farm

D) the relative population of plants and animals in the farm

E) The predator-prey relationship in the ecological community

5. Temporary hard water is formed when rain water containing dissolved carbon(IV) oxide flows over deposits of

A) CaCO3

B) Na2CO3

C) Na2SO4

D) CaSO4

6. An astronomical telescope which is being used to view a very distant object is said to be in normal adjustment if

A) the final image is at the near-point

B) the image formed by the objective is before the focus of the eye piece

C) the angular magnification is the ratio of the focal length of the eye-piece lens to that of the objective

D) the foci dl the objective and the eye-piece coincide between the lenses

E) the distance between the objective lens and the eye-piece is equal to the difference between their focal lengths.

7. The following agencies are responsible for conservation in Nigeria except

A) Forestry Department

B) Nigerian Conservation Society

C) Games Reserve Authority

D) Nigerian Red Cross Society

E) Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources

8. The acid anhydride that will produce weak acid in water is

A) SO3

B) NO2

C) SO2

D) CO2

9. A man standing 510m away from a wall sounds a whistle. The echo from the wall reaches him 3s later. Calculate the velocity of sound in air.

A) 170 ms-1

B) 340 ms-1

C) 680 ms-1

D) 765 ms-1

E) 1530 ms-1

Subject Combination for this past question paper

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • English

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