Shehu Sule College of Nursing and Midwifery past questions for 2020 Exams

Shehu Sule College of Nursing and Midwifery Past Questions

Shehu Sule College of Nursing and Midwifery Past Questions: Here you have express access to the exams past questions of several years. We have compiled past questions from the last five editions of the exams, into a downloadable ebook (pdf). Download Shehu Sule Collge of Nursing past questions as well as Shehu Sule Collge of Midwifery past questions on this page.

Shehu Sule Collge of Midwifery Past Questions

To prepare adequately for the usually tricky examinations, this ebook would come in very handy. With it, you would be able to streamline your areas of concentration, also, it would afford you an invaluable clue into the manner with which the questions are structured, and it would also offer you the advantage of hindsight as pertaining to some of the exam questions you are likely to confront in the exams as you would have already come across them during your practice of the past questions. In essence, with this ebook, you have an expo for the exams since questions repeat quite often. The following are some samples:

Samples of Shehu Sule Collge of Nursing and Midwifery Past Questions


1. If the temperature of a resistance wire is gradually increased, its resistance will

A) decrease gradually

B) first increase and then decrease

C) first increase and then remain the same

D) increase gradually

E) remain the same

2. Adenine pairs with thymine because

A) the two occur in the same nucleic acid

B) one is a strong base and the other a weak base

C) two purine bases easily pair up

D) one is a purine base and the other a pyrimidine.

3. If the size of the hole of a pinhole camera is increased, the image formed becomes

A) brighter and blurred

B) brighter and larger

C) brighter and sharper

D) blurred and duller

E) blurred and larger

4. Which of the following reactions does not take place in the smelting of iron in a blast furnace?

A) CaCO3(s)→ CaO(s)+ CO2(g)

B) C(s)+ O2(g)→ CO2(g)

C) 3FeCO(s)+ 2OCO2(g)→ FeO4(s)

D) SiO2(s)+ CaO(s)→ CaCO3(s)

E) CO2(g)+ C(s)→ 2CO(g)

5. The structure of the cell membrane is a

A) double layer and a double protein layer

B) middle bi-layer of protein with a lipid layer on either surface

C) middle bi-layer of lipid with a protein layer on either surface

D) protein layer with two inner lipid layers

6. A man stands in front f a high wall and produces a sound. If he receives the echo of the sound four seconds later, what is his distance from the wall? [The speed of sound in air is 330ms-1]

A) 1320m

B) 660m

C) 400m

D) 330m

E) 165m

7. Which of the following cells is a specialized cell?

A) Amoeba

B) Plasmodium

C) Guard cell

D) Meristematic cell

8. Which of the following is not a member of the homologous series of the paraffins (alkanes)?

A) C3H8

B) C5H12

C) C7H16

D) C15H32

E) C24H48

9. A negatively charged rod is brought near the cap of an electroscope. The cap is earthed momentarily while the charge is near to it. The rod is then removed. Which statement is correct? 

A) The cap will be positively charged and the will be negatively charged

B) The cap will be negatively charged and the leaf will be positively changed

C) The cap and the leaf will be positively charged

D) The cap and the leaf will be negatively charged

E) none

Subject Combinations

  1. English
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics

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