School of Nursing Vom Jos Past Questions and Answers

By | July 18, 2020

Real School of Nursing Vom Jos Past Questions and answers are available here for download. Study School of Nursing Vom Jos Past Questions and answers, and you can be sure to ace the entrance examination this year. This ebook comprises of sections in English Language, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Few samples are shown below for you to have a glimpse at what the entire ebook look like.

Sample Questions:

1. The furring of kettles is caused by the presence in water of

A) calcium hydrogentrioxocarbonate (IV)
B) calcium trioxocarbonate (IV)
C) calcium tetraoxosulphate (VI)
D) calcium hydroxide

2. The main function of the commutator in a simple d.c. motor is to

A) enable the armature to rotate freely
B) increase the flux linking the armature windings
C) maintain a direct current in the armature
D) provide uniform magnetic field around the armature
E) reverse the direction of the current in the armature.

3. According to Mendel’s first law of inheritance, segregation of genes occur when

A) tall plants are crossbred
B) short plants are crossbred
C) tall plants and short plants are crossbred
D) plants are crossbred

4. Water for town supply is chlorinate to make it free from

A) bad colour
B) bacteria
C) temporary hardness
D) permanent hardness

5.An object 3.00m high is placed at a distance of 7.50m from a pin-hole camera. If the image height is 6.00 cm, what is the distance of the film from the pin-hole?

A) 3.75cm
B) 7.50cm
C) 15.00cm
D) 30.00cm
E) 150.00 cm

6. Which of the following statements about sex-linked characters is not true?

A) They are usually borne on the X chromosome
B) They are more common in males
C) Males are usually carriers
D) They are not usually carried on the Y chromosomes

7. Ca(OH)2(s) + 2NH4Cl(g) → CaCl2(s) + 2H2O2(l) + X. In the reaction above X is

A) NO2
B) NH3
C) N2O
D) NO2

8. The falling of light energy on a metal such that electrons are liberated from the metal is called

A) electron effect
B) metal electron effect
C) metal emission
D) photoelectric effect
E) photoemission

9. The following organisms have structures for movement except

A) Amoeba
B) Spirogyra
C) Volvox
D) Paramecium

10. The gas that can be collected by downward displacement of air is

A) chlorine
B) sulphur (IV) oxide
C) carbon (IV) oxide
D) ammonia

11. In the laboratory preparation of trioxonitrate (V) acid the nitrogen(iv) oxide formed as a by-product is removed by

A) further heating
B) adding concentrated H2SO4
C) cooling the acid solution with cold water
D) bubbling air through the acid solution

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