School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions and Answers

School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions and Answers

School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions and answers…… Here is a platform that will give you nothing but the best of the School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions and answers that will be as a guide and tool in preparing you for the forthcoming entrance examination.

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Try the following samples:

Samples of School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions

  1. The alkyl group is represented by the general formula

A) CnH2n

B) CnH2n − 2

C) CnH2n + 1

D) CnH2n + 2

2. A boy ran a distance of 200m in 24s. His average speed was 8.3ms-1. Which of the following is correct about the units in which the statements above are expressed? 

A) All the units are fundamental.

B) All the units are derived

C) All the units except one are S.I units

D) Two of the units are fundamental and one derived.

E) None of the units is S.I units.

3. Which of the following mineral salts is a trace element?

A) Zinc

B) Carbon

C) Hydrogen

D) Potassium

E) Calcium

4. The ideal gas laws and equations are true for all gases at

A) low pressures and lower temperatures

B) low temperatures and high pressures

C) high pressures and high temperatures

D) low pressure and high temperatures

5. The invisible part of the spectrum of white light consists of

A) Infra-red and ultra-violet only

B) Infra-red, ultra-violet and blue only

C) red, orange and green only

D) red and violet only

E) yellow and indigo only

6. Which of the following organisms reduces nitrates in the soil to gaseous nitrogen?

A) Euglena

B) Protozoan

C) Denitrifying bacterium

D) Parasitic mould

E) Nitrifying bacterium

7. When ΔH is negative, a reaction is said to be

A) endothermic

B) exothermic

C) reversible

D) ionic

8. 50cm3 of air at a pressure of 5Nm-2 is enclosed in a metal tube by a piston. If the piston is pushed in a distance of 10cm, what will the pressure of the air become, if the cross-sectional area of the tube is 2cm-2? (Assume that the temperature remains constant throughout)

A) 12.5 Nm-2

B) 8.7 Nm-2

C) 8.3 Nm-2

D) 3.8Nm-2

E) 3.0Nm-2

9. What type of relation exists between a tapeworm and an infected mammal?

A) Symbiosis

B) Commensalism

C) Predation

D) Parasitism

E) Saprophytism

About School of Nursing Mkar Past Questions

In case you’re wondering if the ebook stands to benefit you in any way, then may I provide you with three reasons it would certainly be beneficial. First, there is a chance to uncover the nature and technicalities of the exam questions. In addition, It creates awareness on the aspects of each subject which you would have to focus on. There is also the privilege of having a legitimate expo for the exams. This is due to the fact that some of the questions in the ebook would appear in the exams.

Subjects Combination

  • English,
  • Biology,
  • Physics,
  • Chemistry

We wish you good luck and we believe as well that you will make it to this forthcoming entrance examination just follow the instruction provided on this page and you will get there.

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