School of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba Past Questions and Answers

School of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba Past Questions and Answers

School of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba Past Questions: In view of the not-so-far-away entrance examinations, we have collated the past questions for you. We have made it as complete and easy to use and access as possible.How so?Although the questions are as much as about 300 covering the past five editions of the examinations, they are all compiled in a pdf formatted ebook which you could download. Samples are below:

Samples of School of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba Past Questions

 1.A constituent common to bronze and solder is

A) lead

B) silver

C) copper

D) tin

2. The angle between the geographic and the magnetic meridians at a place on the earth’s surface is the

A) angle of declination

B) angle of depression

C) angle of dip.

D) latitude of the place

E) longitude of the place

3. When iron is exposed to moist air, it gradually rusts. This is due to the formation of

A) hydrate iron (III) oxide

B) anhydrous iron (III) oxide

C) anhydrous iron (II) oxide

D) hydrate iron (II) oxide

4. Which of the following enzymes is not one of the main classes of enzymes?

A) Sucrase

B) Amylases

C) Proteases

D) Lipases

5. An object is placed in front of a concave mirror whose radius of curvature is 12cm. If the magnification of the Image produced is 1.5, how far is the object from the mirror?

A) 8cm

B) 10cm

C) 15cm

D) 18cm

E) 20cm

6. Which of the following enzymes does not belong to proteases

A) Sucrase

B) Pepsin

C) Trypsin

D) Erepsin

7. A body moves along a circular path with uniform angular speed of 0.6 rad s-1 and at a constant speed of 3.0 ms-1. Calculate the acceleration of the body towards the centre of the circle.


B) 1.8 ms-2

C) 5.0 ms-2

D) 5.4 ms-2

E) 25.0 ms-2

8. Stainless steel is used for making

A) magnets

B) tools

C) coins and medals

D) moving parts of clocks

9. Which of the following protozoans feeds parasitically

A) Paramecium

B) Chlamydomonas

C) Plasmodium

D) Euglena

Military Hospital Yaba School of Nursing Past Questions

 Downloading this ebook would definitely boost your chances of performing well enough in the exams just as it would also improve your standing in the admission queue admitted. With the ebook, you would be privileged to understand the demands of the exams and this would help you prepare accordingly. It also offers you the opportunity to possess answers to some of the exam questions even as you are yet to write the exam. This is because as you practice the past questions, you would come across questions that would be asked in the exams, and an advantage of this kind could be priceless in a usually tricky examination.

Subjects Combination

English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry

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