School of Nursing Mbano Past Questions and Answers

School of Nursing Mbano Past Questions

School of Nursing Mbano Past Questions and answers: With the entrance examinations approaching, we have taken it upon ourselves to relief you of the troubles of searching for the past questions as you prepare for the exams. We have done by making the past questions available for you to download. We have provided a collation of about 300 past questions collected from the last five editions of the exams. These are enclosed in a downloadable ebook (pdf).

School of Nursing Mbano Past Questions

This ebook is quite imperative to your chances of scoring in the upper class of grades in the exams and this would have a telling effect on your coming chances of gaining admission into the school. With the past questions spread across five years, a careful study of this ebook grants you access to many questions which you would have to answer in the exams. This is due to the usual repetition of questions. In other words, the ebook could be a form of expo for you. It is also imperative that you are aware of the areas in which the questions are majorly derived from so as to help you streamline your study. Below are a few selected past questions:

Samples of School of Nursing Mbano Past Questions

  1. Ability of the human eye to focus images accurately on the retina is called

A) astigmatism

B) myopia

C) adjustment

D) accommodation

2. If excess zinc is added to a bluish green solution of copper (II) sulphate, and the excess zinc filtered off after completion of reaction, a colourless solution is obtained because

A) both zinc and copper are metals

B) the sulphate radical and the zinc ion are divalent

C) zinc is more electropositive than copper

D) both zinc and copper form depositive ions in solution

E) zinc is a reducing agent

3. A body of mass 4 kg is accelerated from rest by a steady force of 9N. What is its speed when it has travelled a distance of 8m?

A) 6 ms-1

B) 18 ms-1

C) 32 ms-1

D) 36 ms-1

E) 48 ms-1

4. Which of the following processes removes carbon (IV) oxide from the atmosphere?

A) Burning fuels

B) Putrefaction

C) Photosynthesis

D) Respiration in plants

5. Three solutions contain carbonate, sulphate and sulphide ions respectively. One test that will identify just ONE of them completely is by addition to each of them of

A) barium chloride solution

B) dilute hydrochloric acide

C) lead nitrate solution

D) calcium chloride solution

E) sodium hydroxide solution

6.A brass cube of side 10cm is heated through 30°C. If the linear expansivity of brass is 2.0 × I0-5 K-1 , what is the increase in its volume?

A) 0.06 cm3

B) 0.18cm3

C) 0.60cm3

D) 1.20cm3

E) 1.80cm3

7. Which of the following characteristic features is not associated with monocotyledonous plants?

A) Well differentiated sepals and petals

B) Presence of fibrous root system

C) Presence of narrow leaves

D) Flora parts are in multiples of three

8. Two gas cylinders contain ethylene (ethene) and acetylene respectively. One test which can be used to distinguish between them is by

A) passing each gas through bromine water

B) passing each gas through dilute potassium permanganate solution

C) passing each gas through silver nitrate solution

D) treating each gas catalytically with excess hydrogen gas

Subjects Combination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

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