School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions and Answers – 2020 Edition

By | July 21, 2020

Welcome School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions portal. Here, we provide genuine School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions and answers for candidates who are interested in studying them. If you are going to partake in the entrance examination this year, it is recommended of you to download this ebook. The benefits of these past question papers are numerous and some of it includes the fact that it will expose you to the exams format. Also, you will know the most repeated questions, and those likely to show up again.

Sample Questions and Answers:

Below are samples of the past questions and answers derived from the complete ebook. This is to show you what is contained in the complete ebook.

1. A climax community is characterised by

A) a stable composition of plant and animal species
B) rapid changes in the composition of species
C) constant changes in appearance of the habitat
D) different species occurring at different times
E) gradual change in animal population

2. A given mass of gas occupies 2dm3 at 300k. At what temperature will its volume be doubled, keeping the pressure constant?

A) 400k
B) 480k
C) 550k
D) 600k

3. Which of the following statements about evaporation and boiling is FALSE?

A) Evaporation may take place at any temperature.
B) In evaporation, vapour escapes only from the surface of a liquid
C) The temperature remains constant as long as the liquid is boiling
D) The temperature at which boiling takes place can be altered by changing the external pressure
E) The rate of evaporation does not depend on temperature.

4. Which of the following is not a characteristic of overcrowding in plant and animal community?

A) Population outstripping available space
B) Population exceeding available food
C) Competition within the population
D) increase in primary production
E) population increasing at the same rate as the bith rate

5. The oxidation number of iodine in KIO3 is

A) +7
B) +3
C) +5
D) +6

6. Which of the following is/areNOT affected by a magnetic field? I. Alpha particle
II. Cathode rays
III. Neutrons

A) I only
B) II only
C) III only
D) I and II only

7. The use of predators or parasites to control pests in the farm is known as

A) predator control
B) chemical control
C) biological control
D) animal control
E) parasitic control

8. Aluminium hydroxide is used in the dyeing industry as a

A) dye
B) dispersant
C) salt
D) mordant

9. The smallest unit on the sleeve of a micrometer screw gauge is 0.5mm. There are fifty divisions on the thimble of the screw gauge.
What is the smallest length that can be measured with this instrument?

A) 0.05cm
B) 0.01cm
C) 0.005cm
D) 0.001cm
E) 0.0001cm

School of Nursing Makurdi Past Questions

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