School of Nursing Maiduguri Past Questions and Answers – 2021 Edition

Do you need School of Nursing Maiduguri Past Questions and answers? Am sure that’s what made us find ourselves here. Here real and up to date School of Nursing Maiduguri Past Questions and answers are available for PDF download. I will leave you with these few samples to check out for yourself, as these samples are part of the complete material.

Sample Questions:

1. Which scientist discovered natural radioactivity?

A) Enrico Fermi
B) Henri Becquerel
C) Marie Curie
D) Micheal Faraday
E) Niels Bohr

2. Which of the following best describes a marine habitat?

A) large body of water
B) which has no distinctive color or taste
C) with high concentration of salt
D) with little suspended materials
E) with no water weed

3. The mass of silver deposited when a current of 10A is passed through a solution of silver salt for 4830s is – (Ag = 108 F = 96500(mol-1)

A) 54.0g
B) 27.0g
C) 13.5g
D) 108.0g

4. Totally reflecting prisms are preferred to mirrors in periscopes becauseI. mirror givegive multiple images
II. silvering on mirrors is easy damaged
III. mirrors reflect less light than totally reflecting prisms

A) I only
B) I and II only
C) I and III only
D) II and III only
E) I,II and III

5. The following are features of the tropical rain forest except

A) abundant water supply
B) loose and moist soil
C) short trees growing benealth tall trees
D) scanty trees with small leaves
E) presence of many animals

6. An isomer of C5H12 is

A) 2–ethyl butane
B) butane
C) 2–methyl butane
D) 2–methyl propane

7. The length of a side of a metallic cube at 20° C is 5.0cm. Given that the linear expansively of the metal is 4.0 × 10-5K-1, find the volume of the cube at 120° C

A) 124.50cm3
B) 125.00cm3
C) 126.00cm3
D) 126.25cm3
E) 126.50cm3

8. The following are features of Northern Guinea Savanna except

A) presence of tall trees with thick bark
B) bare soil with very few trees
C) presence of fire-resistant trees
D) abundant herbivores
E) predominance of woody trees

9. When few drops of concentrated trioxonitrate(V) acid is added to an unknown sample and wanned an intense yellow colouration is observed. The likely functional group present in the sample is

A) NH3—C—C=O

10. A boy moving with a velocity of 3 ms-1 is brought to rest by a constant force after travelling 15m. Calculate the retardation.
A) 0.15ms-2
B) 0.30ms-2
C) 0.60ms-2
D) 3.33ms-2
E) 6.66ms-2

School of Nursing Maiduguri Past Questions

What you will find in this ebook are questions and answers in the following subject areas;

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  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Language.

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