School of Nursing Madobi Past Questions and Answers

School of Nursing Madobi Past Questions

School of Nursing Madobi Past Questions and answer: It is part of our self-imposed duties to enhance your admission into the Madobi School of Nursing by setting the ground work for you to come through the exams with outstanding grades. We have compiled a collection of about 300 questions from the past five editions of the examinations into a pdf formatted ebook.

School of Nursing Madobi Past Questions

Do you really need this ebook? Let me say that the importance of this ebook is devoid of doubts doubt. It is a very crucial study material in your preparations, if not the most crucial. With it, you would be able to decipher for yourself the core aspects on which you are expected to concentrate majorly in all the subjects. It also has the potential to serve as an expo, but with more legitimacy. This is because it predisposes you to some of the questions you are likely to see in the exams. A few samples follow below:

Samples of School of Nursing Madobi Past Questions

  1. The examples of autotrophic organisms include the following except

A) Euglena

B) Chlamydomonas

C) Hydra

D) Spirogyra

2. Which of the following statements is correct about volatile liquids? They have

A) low boiling point

B) Low evaporating rate

C) high conductivity

D) high density

E) high viscosity

3. The oxidation state of Cr in K2Cr2O7 is

A) +7

B) +6

C) +5

D) 4

4. Which of the following organisms feeds both autotrophically and heterotrophically?

A) Hydra

B) Paramecium

C) Mucor

D) Euglena

5. A transformer has an efficiency of 92.5%. the ratio number of turns in the primary coil to that in the secondary coil is 128 : 45. If the current passing through the secondary coil is 9.0A, calculate the current passing through the primary-coil.

A) 2.93A

B) 3.16A

C) 3.42A

D) 25.60A

E) 27.68A

6. Which of the following metals is purified commercially by electrolysis?

A) Zn

B) Fe

C) Sn

D) Cu

7. Siphons and gills are structures in aquatic organisms used for

A) gaseous exchange

B) buoyancy

C) excretion

D) movement

8. Inertia is the property of a body which makes the body to

A) accelerate

B) be reluctant to move when at rest

C) experience friction when moving

D) move randomly

E) retard

9. What current will deposit 3.25g of zinc in 2hrs? [Zn = 65, F = 96500 C mol-1]

A) 3.25A

B) 2.00A

C) 1.34A

D) 0.67A

10. The first step in carrying out ecological studies in a terrestrial habitat is

A) quadrat sampling

B) mapping the area

C) collection of organisms

D) measuring abiotic factors

11. The term torque means

A) the equilibrant of two concurrent forces

B) the moment of a force about an ads

C) the resultant of several forces acting on a body in equilibrium

D) two coplanar forces at right angle to each other

E) two equal and opposite forces whose lines of action do not coincide

12. Two equal bulbs, one containing ammonia and the other nitrogen are opened mouth-to-mouth to each other at room temperature. The entropy in the mixture of gases is likely to

A) remain unchanged

B) increase

C) decrease

D) change

13. Which of the following components of an ecosystem does not contribute to the biomass of the system?

A) Producers

B) Consumers

C) Micro-organisms

D) Habitat

14. The group of several populations that interact and share a habitat, form

A) a species

B) a community

C) an ecotype

D) a tribe

Subjects’ Combination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

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