School of Nursing Ituk Mbang Past Questions and Answers – 2020 Edition

By | July 19, 2020

Free School of Nursing Ituk Mbang Past Questions and Answers are available on this page for download. Selected sample past questions will be posted here for free so you could have a clue on what the entire ebook contains. School of Nursing Ituk Mbang Past Questions and answers are provided in PDF soft copies that can be downloaded on phone through email or whatsapp. Once order is placed for the complete past question papers, we shall deliver it to you immediately. Quickly take a look at these few samples below.

Sample Questions:

1. What is X in the equation given below? 42He + 94Be → 126C + X

A) electron
B) hydrogen
C) lithium
D) neutron
E) proton

2. When an axon is at rest, the concentration of ions on either side of the membrane are different. Which of the following is correct about the concentrations of ions on either side of the membrane?

A) There is an excess of potassium ions inside the axon and an excess of sodium ions outside
B) The inside of the axon becomes positively charged while the outside is negatively charged
C) There is an excess of sodium ions on the inner side of the axon
D) Chloride and potassium ions begin to move acrossthe membrane
E) Calcium ions accumulate on the upper side of the axon

3. The reaction of halogens in the presence of sunlight is an example of

A) oxidation reaction
B) addition reaction
C) hydrogenation reaction
D) substitution reaction

4.A waterfall is 6.30m high. What is the change in temperature of a quantity of water that falls from the top to the bottom of the waterfall? (Neglect heat losses to the surroundings, take g as 10 ms-2 and specific heat capacity of weather as 4200,J kg-1K-1

A) 0.15°C
B) 1.50°C
C) 15.00°C
D) 21.00 °C
E) 50.00°C

5. The groups of sensory cells found on the upper surface of the tongue are called

A) ampullae
B) taste buds
C) nerve cells
D) somatic cells
E) tactile cells

6. The enzyme used in the hydrolysis of starch to dextrin and maltose is

A) amylase
B) diastatse
C) invertase
D) zymase

7. N.N.P.C. gas cylinder containing 15kg of cooking gas was left open, and the gas emptied in 3.8 minutes, at an average speed of 20 ms-1. What force was exerted on the gas in the cylinder?

A) 132N
B) 13.2N
C) 1.32N
D) 0.132N
E) 0.013N

8. Which of the following is not a courtship behaviour exhibited by animals?

A) Pairing
B) Display
C) Seasonal migration
D) Hibernation
E) Territorialism

School of Nursing Ituk Mbang Past Questions

What you will find in this ebook are questions and answers in the following subject areas;

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Language.


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