School of Nursing Ihiala Past Questions and Answers

By | June 25, 2020

School of Nursing Ihiala Past Questions

School of Nursing Ihiala Past Questions and answers: In this forum, we make it our priority to guarantee that you adequately prepare for the approaching entrance exams. As such, we have succeeded to accumulate about 300 past questions collected from the last five years’ exams, and have assembled them in a downloadable ebook (pdf).

School of Nursing Ihiala Past Questions

How important could this ebook be? The answer, I would have to say, is somewhere between ‘very’ and ‘indispensably’. What I mean to say here it that the ebook is very important if not indispensable to your chances of performing at your peak in the exams.With it, there is a clue aso ignore even as you read for the exams. With past questions gotten from several years, you get to learn how the questions are structured and the predominant aspects of the various subjects which are accorded more importance. With this sort of insight, there is barely a chance for you to be surprised by the exams. Furthermore, with a cover-to-cover practice and understanding of the ebook, you could be rest assured that you already have answers to about 30% of the questions you would see in the exams since a reasonable percentage of the questions are usually repeated. Below are some samples:

Samples of School of Nursing Ihiala Past Questions

  1. In the reaction 1O-3 + 5l + 6H+ → 312 + 3H2O, the oxidizing agent is?

A) H+

B) l

C) 1O

D) l2

2. Some animals return to water bodies to reproduce because

A) natural enemies destroy their eggs on land

B) water nourishes their embryos and their young ones

C) they are close to their ancestors and imitate them

D) the temperature on land is not suitable for the development of their embryos

3.A body that produces its own light is said to be

 A) luminous

B) non-incandescent

C) opaque

D) translucent

E) transparent

4. Fe2O3(s) + 2Al(s) → Al2O3 + 2Fe(s) If the heats of formation of Al2O3 and Fe2O3 are -1670 KJ mol-1 and -822 KJ mol-1 respectively, the enthalpy change in KJ for the reaction is

A) +2492

B) +848

C) -848

D) -2492

5. Which of the following methods is appropriate for the cultivation of cassava?

A) Budding

B) Fragmentation

C) Root cutting

D) Stem cutting

6. Two equal capacitances are connected first in series and then in parallel. The ratio of the effective series capacitance to the effective parallel capacitance is 

A) 0.25

B) 0.50

C) 1.00

D) 2.20

E) 4.00

7. Iron galvanized with zinc is cathodically protected from corrosion. This is because

A) zinc has a more positive oxidation potential than iron

B) zinc has less positive oxidation potential than iron

C) bith have the same oxidation potential

D) zinc is harder than iron

8. What will be the chromosome number of the hybrid of two varieties of a plant with 36 chromosomes in the endosperm cell?

A) 12

B) 24

C) 35

D) 48

9. The resistance of a series R-C circuit is 5 ω If the impedance of the circuit is 13 ω calculate the reactance of the capacitor

A) 12 Ω

B) 14 Ω

C) 16 Ω

D) 18 Ω

E) 65 Ω

10. Which of the following samples will react fastest with dilute trioxonitrate (V) acid?

A) 5g of lumps of CaCO3at 25°C

B) 5g of powered CaCO3at 25°C

C) 5g of lumps of CaCO3at 50°C

D) 5g of powered CaCO3at 50°C

Subjects Combination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Steps to Download Ebook:

These are the steps you would take to download the ebook: the sum of 2000 Naira would have to be paid first, to the account below:

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0523296040


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After the payment has been made, you would quickly send us the following information:

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A ratification of your payment along with the above information would see a swift delivery of your copy of the ebook.