School of Nursing Igbinedion Past Questions and Answers – Download Here

By | June 23, 2020

School of Nursing Igbinedion Past Questions

School of Nursing Igbinedion Past Questions and answers: Welcome to your most reliable past questions portal. We have a compilation of about 300 questions collected from the past five editions of the exams. For your ease of access and reference, all the questions are contained in a single pdf formatted ebook which you could easily download to your device (mobile phone or computer).

School of Nursing Igbinedion Past Questions

This ebook is very important to every single candidate who has genuine interest in getting admitted into the school. This is because of the various advantages it brings. The ebook presents you with the window into the examiners’ expectations of you as regarding the things you are supposed to know. This would enable you study more accurately than you would have without it. It also opens you up to the pattern of the questions which would ensure you are never caught by surprise in the exams. Also, most crucially, there is a chance that at least 30% of the questions encountered in this ebook could come up in the exams which means it could serve as an all-important expo. There are samples for you as follows:

Sample of School of Nursing Igbinedion Past Questions

  1. Which of these expresses the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field FE, and the field’ FB due to a magnet at neutral points? FE is

A) equal and opposite to FB

B) equal to and in the same direction with FB

C) greater than and in the same direction with FB

D) greater than and opposite to FB

E) less than and opposite to FB

2. A voltage supply of 12V r.m.s. and frequency 90Hz is connected to a 4 ω resistor. Calculate the peak value of the current

A) 48.8 A

B) 30.0 A

C) 27.5 A

D) 4.2 A

E) 3.0A

3. The constituents of baking powder that makes the dough to rise is



C) Na2CO3

D) NaCl

4. Which of the following conclusion(s) can be drawn from Newton’s second law of motion? Force is proportional to

I. the product of mass and acceleration

II. the product of mass and velocity

III. Impulse

 A) I only

B) II only

C) III only

D) II and III only

E) I, II and III

5. The ability of carbon to form long chains is referred to as

A) alkylation

B) acylation

C) catenation

D) carbonation

6. The direction of wind is determined by

A) an anemometer

B) a Secchi disc

C) a wind vane

D) a barometer

7. How far from a hill should a boy stand to hear the echo of his clap 1 .6s later? [Speed of sound in air is 340ms-1]

A) 186m

B) 272m

C) 544m

D) 1088m

E) 2000m

8. Which of the following compounds will undergo polymerization reaction?

A) C2H4


C) C2H6


9. Food webs are complex because

A) the number of producers are large

B) many animals feed directly on producers

C) they include primary, secondary and tertiary consumers

D) some animals form part of several food chains

Subjects Combination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

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