School of Nursing Igando Past Questions and Answers – Download

By | June 23, 2020

School of Nursing Igando Past Questions

School of Nursing Igando Past Questions and answers: This is the platform where you have express access to your past questions needs. We have been able to gather about 300 questions from the past 5 years’ examinations and compile them into a downloadable ebook of pdf format. It is our interest that you scale through the examinations with excellence which is why we have brought this ebook to your knowledge.

School of Nursing Igando Past Questions

You might be wondering whether you have need for this ebook. Permit me to assure you that you do. With the ebook, you could be sure of at least three vital benefits.1)There is an opportunity to find out the nature and mode of the exam questions. 2) It gives insight into the areas which you are supposed to concentrate more on. 3) The privilege of having a legitimate expo for the exams is more than guaranteed. By this, I mean that you would have, while practicing the past questions, go through certain questions which would come up in the exams since the questions often do repeat. Some sample questions have been provided below:

Samples of School of Nursing Igando Past Questions

  1. A platinum-resistance thermometer has a resistance of 4Ω at 0°C and 12Ω at 100°C. Assuming that the resistance changes uniformly with temperature. Calculate the resistance of the thermometer when the temperature is 45°C.

A) 6.0Ω

B) 6.42Ω

C) 7.6Ω

D) 8.4Ω

E) 16.0Ω

2. Which of the following reactions is correct as as written?

A) FeCl2+ 3NH4OH →Fe(OH)3+ 3NH4Cl

B) Pb2O3+ 4HCl → PbCl2+ 2H2O

C) PbNO3+ H2S →PbS + 2HNO3

D) NaOH + H2SO4→ NaHSO4+H2O

E) 2NH4NO3→ N2+ 2H2O

3. Inhaled air is made warm and moist in the

A) epiglottis

B) nasal cavity

C) trachea

D) mouth

4. Calculate the critical angle for light travelling from water to air. (Refractive index of water = 1.33)

A) 36.9°

B) 41.3°

C) 48.8°

D) 49.2°

E) 51.4°

5. Under high pressure, real gases do not obey gas laws because their molecules

A) have become more energetic

B) have become less energetic

C) have become smaller in size

D) decompose into atoms

E) start repelling each other

6. Which of the following structures is not involved in respiration?

A) Lung books

B) Mouth

C) Stomach

D) Trachea

7. A short chain is usually attached to the rear side of petro tanker trailing behind it to ensure that the

A) charges generated by friction in the tanker are conducted to the earth

B) chain vibrates in resonance with the tanker’s engine

C) heat generated by friction in the engine is conducted to the earth

D) petrol tanker is balanced on the road

E) tanker does not exceed a certain speed limit

8. How many grams of hydrogen gas will be liberated when 6g of magnesium ribbon dissolves in 500cm3 of 6M HCl? 
(Mg = 24, H = 1, Cl = 35.5)

A) 1.2 g

B) 0.7 g

C) 0.5 g

D) 0.3 g

E) 0.12 g

9. Filtrate in the Bowman’s capsule contains vitamins because

A) only all the amount is required by the body

B) they can be reabsorbed into the blood

C) they have low molecular weight

D) most of them are fat soluble

School of Nursing Igando Past Questions

Subjects Combination

English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry

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