School of Nursing Gwagwalada Past Questions And Answers-Download

By | June 23, 2020

School of Nursing Gwagwalada Past Questions

School of Nursing Gwagwalada Past Questions and answers: simple to access as possible.This is because although the questions which amount to about 300 cover the past five years’ examinations, they are all contained in a single pdf formatted ebook which could be downloaded to your device.

Getting a copy of this ebook would certainly enhance your chances of performing well in the exams just as it would also augment your chances of being admitted into the school.With the ebook, you stand to have an understanding of the demands of the exams and this would help you prepare accordingly. It also affords you the opportunity of having answers to some of the exam questions even before writing the exam. This is because while practicing the past questions, you are bound to encounter questions which would repeat in the exams, and an advantage of this kind could be invaluable in a usually tasking examination. Below are some samples for you to try:

Samples of School of Nursing Gwagwalada Past Questions

  1. A current flows in a series circuit containing a resistor, R, an inductor, L and a capacitor, C. Which of the following is true of the power dissipated in the circuit component(s)? 

A) The power dissipated in L is greater than zero

B) The power dissipated in R is zero

C) The sum of the power dissipated in L and C is equal to that in R

D) The sum of the power dissipated in L and C is greater than in R

E) The sum of the power dissipated in L and C is zero

2. One of the major uses of alkane is

A) as domestic and industrial fuel

B) in the hydrogenation of oils

C) in the textile industries

D) in the production of plastics

3. the effect of chlorofluorocarbon is

A) reduction of oxygen concentration in the atmosphere

B) depletion of the ozone layer

C) screening of ultra violet rays

D) increase in carbon dioxide concentration

4. Emission spectra are caused by

 A) kinetic energy of moving atoms

B) potential energy of an electron in an atom

C) transition of an electron from a higher energy level to a lower energy level

D) transition of an electron from a lower energy level to higher energy level

E) transition of excited protons in the nucleus.

5. The haloalkanes used in dry-cleaning industries are

A) trichloromethane and tetrachloromethane

B) chloroethene and dichloroethene

C) trichloroethene and tetrachloroethene

D) chloroethane and dichloroethene

6. The order of primary succession by plants in a very dry habitat is

 A) xerophytes→ mesophytes → shrub

B) mesophytes→ xerophytes → shrub

C) mesophytes→ shrub → xerophytes

D) xerophytes→ shrub → mesophytes

7. Which of the following is used as a depolarizer in a Denial cell?

 A) Ammonium chloride

B) Copper (II) tetra Oxo sulphate (VI) solution

C) Manganese (IV) oxide

D) Tetraoxo sulphate (VI) acid

E) Water

8. Two hydrocarbons X and Y were treated with bromine water. X decolorised the solution and Y did not not. Which class of compound does Y belong?

A) Benzene

B) Alkynes

C) Alkenes

D) Alkanes

Subjects Combination

English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry

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