School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions And Answers – Download

By | July 6, 2020

School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions

School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions and answers: as the entrance examinations draw near we have taken it upon ourselves to ease your stress as you prepare for the exams. This we have done by bringing the past questions to you. We have provided a compilation of about 300 past questions gotten from the last five editions of the exams. These are contained in a downloadable ebook (pdf).

This ebook is quite essential to your chances of coming through the exams with higher grades which would invariably improve your chances of gaining admission into the school. With the past questions spread across five years, an intensive study of this ebook grants you access to many questions which you would have to answer in the exams. This is due to the usual repetition of questions. In other words, the ebook could be a form of expo for you. It is also imperative that you are aware of the areas in which the questions are majorly derived from so as to help you streamline your study. Below are a few selected past questions:

Sample of School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions

  1. Which of the following metals will liberate hydrogen from steam or dilute acid?

A) Copper

B) Iron

C) Lead

D) Mercury

2. Which of the following enzymes is active in the duodenum?

A) Pepsin

B) Renin

C) Trypsin

D) Amylase

3. Evaporation of a liquid produces cooling of the liquid because the

A) attraction between the vapour molecules and the liquid molecules is great

B) average kinetic energy of the liquid is reduced

C) density of the liquid decreases

D) vapour pressure above the liquid rises

E) volume of the liquid decreases

4. Coal fire should not be used in poorly ventilated rooms because _____________.

A) of the accumulation of CO2which causes dep sleep

B) it is usually too hot

C) of the acumulation of CO which causes suffocation

D) it removes most most of the gases in the rooms

5. The following organisms are producers except

A) Hibiscus

B) Mushroom

C) Cactus

D) Spirogyra

6. Calculate the amount of heat generated in an external load of resistance 8Ω if an alternating current of peak value 5 A is passed through it for 100s.

 A) 2.0 × 104J

B) 1.0 × 104J

C) 5.0 × 103J

D) 4.0 × 103J

E) 2.0 × 102J

7. The major component of the slag from the production of iron is

A) an alloy of calcium and iron

B) coke

C) impure iron

D) calcium trioxosilicate (IV)

8. Which of the following structures produces the greatest variety of digestive enzymes?

A) Salivary glands

B) Pancreas

C) Stomach

D) Colon

9. A machine has an efficiency of 80%. If the machine is required to overcome a load of 60N with a force of 40N, calculate its velocity ratio.

A) 0.53

B) 0.83

C) 1.20

D) 1.50

E) 1.88

10. Sodium hydrogen should be stored in properly closed containers because it

A) readily asborbs water vapour to air

B) is easily oxidize by atmospheric oxygen

C) turns golden yellow when exposed to light

D) melts at a low temperature

Subjects Combination

English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry

How to Download Ebook:

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