FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers-Download

FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers-Download

FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers-Download: We desire to see you gain admission into the School of Nursing FETHA  and because this is our priority we have to provide you with ways to achieve this and how is this done, we have compiled a well detailed School of Nursing FETHA Past Questions and answers which contain a collection of about 300 questions from the past five years’ examinations into a downloadable pdf formatted ebook to help you get it at ease.

See the information below:

School of Nursing FETHA Past Questions

Why do you need to download this ebook? The necessity of this ebook is without a doubt. It could be a very vital material in your preparations, if not the most vital. With it, you would be able to decipher for yourself the core aspects on which you are expected to concentrate majorly in all the subjects. It is also a kind of expo, legitimately so. This is because it predisposes you to some of the questions you are likely to see in the exams. A few samples are below:

Sample of  School of Nursing FETHA Past Questions

  1. The long necks and legs of the present-day giraffes were some of the basis of

A) Darwins’ theory of evolution

B) Mendel’s theory of inheritance

C) Lamarck’s theory of evolution

D) De Vries theory of evolution

2. Notes of the same frequency sounded on a guitar and trumpet may differ in

I. loudness

II. Pitch

III. quality Which of the statements above is correct?

A) I only

B) II only

C) III only

D) I and II only

E) I, II and III

3. Which of the following hydrocarbons is mainly used as fuel?

A) Methylene

B) Ethylene

C) Methane

D) Ethyne

4. A change in the environment of an organism is termed

A) sensitivity

B) impulse

C) response

D) stimulus

5. The amplitude of oscillation of a simple pendulum bob diminishes slowly because

 A) energy is applied by some external agencies

B) frictional forces dissipate the energy of motion

C) the frequency of oscillation increases with the mass of the bob

D) the frequency of oscillation varies with time

E) the period of oscillation varies with time.

6. The molecular formula of a common organic laboratory anaesthetic is

A) CHCl3


C) CCl4


7. Organisms that interbreed to produce fertile offspring belong to the same

A) class

B) family

C) species

D) order

8. Which of the following radiations has the shortest wavelength?

 A) Infrared rays

B) Light waves

C) Microwaves

D) Ultraviolet rays

E) X-rays

9. The simplest branched-chain hydrocarbon is

A) ethane

B) ethene

C) propane

D) butane

10. The transfer of ripe pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of the same flower is termed

A) fertilization

B) self-pollination

C) reproduction

D) conjugation

11. Which of the following statements is/are correct? Sound waves travel through

I. air

II. vacuum


A) II only

B) I and II only

C) II and III only

D) I and III only

E) I, II, and III

12. Organic molecules that have the suffix-ene are unsaturated hydrocarbons that have

A) a single bond

B) a double bond

C) a triple bond

D) an ionic bond

Subjects’ Combination

English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

A constant and regular preparation can only produce success so we encourage you to please obtain your past question and answer and make yourself ready for the forthcoming School of Nursing FETHA exams.

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