School of Nursing Abeokuta Past Questions and Answers – 2020 Edition

By | July 21, 2020

This page offers  you up to date School of Nursing Abeokuta Past Questions and answers. Your success is our concern and that is why we recommend you to download latest version of School of Nursing Abeokuta Past Questions and answers. In this ebook, you will find sections in English Language, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. 

Considering how relevant and helpful the past question paper is, I can tell you that you stand to gain a lot. Firstly, you will be exposed to her most repeated questions and some of these are likely to repeat again. Secondly, you’ll be exposed to the entrance examination format. Thirdly, this ebook comes with correct supplied answers to each of the questions and you can’t afford to miss this. Below are free samples of the School of Nursing Abeokuta Past Questions and answers. These samples are intended to show you what is contained in the complete ebook. Once you purchase the complete ebook, you will be able to see all questions from 2010 to 2019. 

Sample Questions:

1. The largest game reserve in Nigeria is the

A) Kainji Game Reserve in Niger State
B) Zamfara Forest Reserve in Sokoto State
C) Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State
D) Borgu Game Reserve in Niger State
E) Oban Hills Game Reserve in Cross River State

2. The process that occurs when two equivalent forms of a compound are in equilibrium is

A) Isotopy
B) Resonance
C) Isomerism
D) Reforming

3. The image is a plane mirror is

A) inverted, real with a magnificant of 12
B) inverted, virtual with a magnification of 1
C) inverted, real with a magnification of 2
D) upright, virtual with a magnificent of 1
E) upright, real with a magnification of 2

4. One of the factors that must be considered for safe blood transfusion is

A) social class of the donor
B) age of the recipient
C) rhesus factors of the donor and the recipient
D) nationality of the donor
E) weight of the recipient

CH4(g) + CI2(g) →→ CH2CI(s) + HCIg
5. The major factor that influences the rate of the reaction above is

A) Concentration
B) Catalyst
C) Temperature
D) Light

6. Which of the following pairs of light rays shows the widest separation in the spectrum of white light?

A) Red and blue
B) Orange and green
C) Red and indigo
D) Violet and green
E) Yellow and red

7. One of the major criticisms against Mendelian laws is that they do not recognise that

A) one trait is often controlled by many pairs of genes
B) single factor inheritance is never a reality
C) complete dominance is always possible
D) incomplete dominance is not possible
E) hybrids exist in living organisms

N2O4(aq) ⇌⇌ 2NO2(g) △△H = +ve
8. In the reaction above, an increase in temperature will

A) Increase the reactant production
B) Increase the value of the equilibrium constant
C) Shift the equilibrium to the left
D) Decrease the value of the equilibrium constant

9. An electric iron rated 250 V has a coil of resistance 125Ω. What is the cost of using it for I hour at 10k per kWh?

A) 1.25k
B) 2.50k
C) 5.00k
D) 10.00k
E) 20.00k

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