School of Health Technology Past Questions and Answers

School of Health Technology Past Questions

School of Health Technology Past Questions: Welcome to School of Health Technology Past Questions’ hub. This is where Nigerians have been having express access to schools’ entrance examinations past questions and answers, one of which is the School of Health Technology past questions. For your ease of use and to ensure better result on your part, the questions are compiled from the past five years into an ebook usually, a pdf. To give you the benefit of any doubts you might have, below are a few samples:

School of Health Technology Past Questions


Sample School of Health Technology Past Questions

  1. A body executing a simple harmonic motion has an angular velocity of 22 radians per second. If it has a maximum

A) 1100ms-1

B) 440 ms-1

C) 220 ms-1

D) 22 ms-1

E) 2.2ms-1

2. Blood pressure is higher in the arteries as a result of

A) stree

B) contraction and relaxation

C) blockage in the arteries

D) presence of valves

3. Which of the following compounds will form a solution if exposed to air?

A) Na2CO3.10H2O

B) NaNO3

C) CuSO4

D) CaCl2

E) NaSO4.10H2O

4. In which simple machine is the effort applied between the load and the fulcrum?

A) claw hammer

B) nut crackers

C) pliers

D) sugar tongs

E) wheelbarrow

5. A farmer who wants to keep seeds for three years before planting and wants to prevent them from sprouting uses

A) auxin

B) gibberellins

C) abscisin

D) cytokinins

6. The most common type of chemical reaction which alkanes undergo is

A) substitution

B) addition

C) condensation

D) polymerisation

E) double decomposition

7. In the normal use of a simple microscope, a person sees an

A) erect, real and magnified image

B) erect, virtual and magnified image

C) inverted, virtual and magnified image

D) inverted, real and magnified image

E) inverted and real image the same size as the object

8. A person had an accident that affected the skull but not the nose and later lost the sense of smell. The accident must have affected the

A) nose by extension

B) olfactory lobes of the brain

C) passage from the nose to the brain

D) part of the skull near the nose

9. Consider the following exothermic reaction 2SO3 + O2(g) ↔ 2SO3(g). If the temperature of the reaction is reduced from 800°C to 500°C, an no other change takes place, then

A) the reaction rate increases

B) concentration of SO3decreases

C) concentration of SO3increases

D) SO2gas becomes unreactive

E) O3gas becomes unreactive

10. What is the escape velocity of a satellite launched from the earth’s surface? (Take g as 10ms-2 and the radius of the earth as 6.4 × 106m)

A) 7.80 × 10-3ms-1

B) 1.13 × 10-4ms-1

C) 3.56 × 107ms-1

D) 6.00 × 107ms-1

E) 1.20 × 108ms-1 

School of Health Technology Entrance Examinations Subject Combination

  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

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