School of Basic Midwifery Zuma Memorial Hospital Irrua Past Questions

By | July 18, 2020

School of Basic Midwifery Zuma Memorial Hospital Irrua Past Questions and answers is provided here for you. Search no more as real and up to date School of Basic Midwifery Zuma Memorial Hospital Past Questions and answers are available on this page.

We took our time to compile these past question papers for candidates who will partake in the entrance examination this year. This ebook is to benefit all prospective students of Zuma Memorial Hospital Irrua School of Basic Midwifery. It is for the purpose of revision and serious preparation that this ebook was made. You can stud the few samples below as they have been extracted from the complete ebook. After studying them, you can proceed to purchase the complete papers.

Sample Questions:

1. X(g) + 3Y(g) —- 2z(g) H = +ve. if the reaction above takes place at room temperature, the G will be

A) negative
B) zero
C) positive
D) indeterminate

2. What part of a camera functions in a similar way to the retina of the eye?

A) diaphragm
B) film
C) focusing ring
D) lens
E) shutter

3. Which of the following traits is not inheritable? Ability to

A) taste PTC
B) roll the tongue
C) move the ear
D) rool the eyeball

4. If 100cm3 of oxygen pass through a porous plug is 50 seconds, the time taken for the same volume of hydrogen to pass through the same porous plug is? [O = 16, H = 1]

A) 10.0s
B) 12.5s
C) 17.7s
D) 32.0s

5. Given the same amount of beat, a quantity of water will reach a higher temperature in a brass pot than in a clay pot of the same mass because

A) brass is less dense than clay
B) clay expands more slowly than brass
C) clay loses heat faster than brass
D) the specific heat capacity of brass is higher than that of clay
E) the specific heat capacity of brass is lower than of clay.

6. A woman with blood group A gives birth to a child with blood groug O. Which of the following blood groups cannot belong to the father?

A) A
B) B
C) C
E) O

7. Due to the high reactivity of sodium, it is usually stored under

A) water
B) mercury
C) paraffin
D) phenol

8. When an astronomical telescope is in normal adjustment, the focal length of the objective lens is 50cm and that of the eye piece is 5.0cm. What is the distance between the lenses?

A) 10.0cm
B) 30.0cm
C) 45.0cm
D) 55.0cm
E) 250.0cm

9. How many chromosomes will be in a gamete if the normal cell has four chromosomes?

A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8

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