School of Basic Midwifery Zonkwa Past Questions and Answers 2020

By | July 18, 2020

School of Basic Midwifery Zonkwa Past Questions and answers are available for download in PDF soft copies. These past question papers has proven significantly in a positve manner, to candidates who used it in time past. It is very important that you study School of Basic Midwifery Zonkwa Past Questions if you must succeed in the entrance examination this year. Below are few samples from the complete ebook.

School of Basic Midwifery Zonkwa Past Questions

The subject combinations in School of Basic Midwifery Zonkwa Past Questions and answers are English Language, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. Compilations here includes over the past 7 entrance examination papers.


1. A transformer is connected to a 250 V a.c. supply. The primary coil has 5000 turns and the secondary voltage is found to be 10 V. What is the number of turns in the secondary coil?

A) 100
B) 150
C) 200
D) 250
E) 300

2. Which of the following resources is non-renewable?

A) Forest reserve
B) Mineral deposit
C) Water
D) Wild life

3. Which of the following gases will diffuse fastest when passed through a porous plug?
[H = 1, C = 12, N = 14, O = 16]

A) Propane
B) Oxygen
C) Methane
D) Ammonia

4. Which statement is TRUE of a block of stone of mass m, with zero momentum?

A) The acceleration of the stone is non-uniform
B) The stone is stationary
C) The stone moves at a constant velocity
D) The stone moves with maximum velocity
E) The stone moves with minimum velocity.

5. Soil erosion could be prevented by

A) flooding a farmland
B) cover-cropping
C) deforestation
D) leaving the soil bare

6. Which is the temperature of a given mass of a gas initially at 0°C and 9 atm, if the pressure is reduced to 3 atm at constant volume?

A) 91 K
B) 182 K
C) 273 K
D) 819 K

7. Which is NOT one of the laws of solid friction?

A) The frictional force between two surfaces opposes their relative motion
B) The ratio of frictional force to the normal reaction varies for two given surfaces
C) The ratio of frictional force to the normal reaction is constant for two given surfaces
D) The limiting frictional force is independent of the area of surface in contact.
E) Dynamic frictional force is independent of the relative velocity of the surfaces in contact.

8. Which of the following statements about human blood groups is not true?

A) A is dominant over B
B) O is recessive
C) B is dominant over O
D) A and B are co-dominant

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