Pogil College of Health Technology Past Questions and answers PDF

By | June 22, 2020

Pogil College of Health Technology Past Questions

Pogil College of Health Technology Past Questions and answers– I can guarantee that your search for these past questions is over. We have gone the length of compiling the questions from the last five years’ examinations. The about 300 questions are contained in a pdf ebook which you can be downloaded.

Pogil College of Health Technology Past Questions


Pogil College of Health Technology Past Questions

There are a couple of things I could assure you would gain from this ebook.

First, you would have the opportunity to learn the exams curriculum. Second, you also have the chance to learn the structuring of the questions. And most interestingly, you stand to have a beforehand experience of some of the questions you would see in the exams since past questions are often repeated. Below are some selected samples:

Samples of Pogil College of Health Technology Past Questions

  1. A basic postulate of the kinetic theory of gases is that the molecules of a gas move in straight lines between collisions. This implies that?

A) collisions are perfectly elastic

B) forces of repulsion exist

C) forces of repulsion are in equilibrium

D) collision are inelastic

2. It is NOT possible to determine exactly and simultaneously the position and momentum of a particle. This statement is known as the

A) Crompton effect

B) de Broglie’s laws

C) Frank-Hertz experimental law

D) Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle

E) wave-particle paradox

3. The rate of decomposition of organisms is faster in the tropical rain forest than in other biomes because

A) of the relatively constant daylight

B) there are more plants per square feet

C) of abundance of water

D) of constant cool temperature

4. Which of the following terms indicates the number of bonds that can be formed by an atom?

A) Oxidation number

B) Valence

C) Atomic number

D) Electronegativity

5. An air bubble of volume 4cm3 is formed 20m under water. What will be its volume when it rises to just below the surface of the water if the atmospheric pressure is equivalent to a height of 10cm of water?

A) 2cm3

B) 4cm3

C) 6cm3

D) 8cm3

E) 12cm3

6. A xerophyte conserves water by possession of the following features except—–

A) thick cuticle

B) sunken stomata

C) broad leaves

D) fleshy stem

7. X(g) → X(g). The type of energy involved in the above transformation is?

A) ionization energy

B) sublimation energy

C) lattice energy

D) electron affinity

8. A platinum-resistance thermometer has a resistance of 10 ω at 0°C and 18 ω at 100°C. Assuming that resistance changes uniformly with temperature, what is the resistance of the thermometer when the temperature is 45°C?

A) 27.8

B) 17.8

C) 13.6

D) 6.4

E) 3.6

9. The falling off of leaves of deciduous trees is helpful to the plant because it

A) reduces the rate of transpiration

B) enables the plant to conveniently eliminate its excretory products

C) enables the plant to bear more fruits

D) ensures that the limited mineral salts get to only growing regions

Subject Combinations for this eBook

  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

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