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POCHTECH Past Questions and Answers PDF

POCHTECH Past Questions and answers | Are u dreaming of studying at Pogil college of health technology? If yes, then we welcome you to the hub. We have a collection of all the questions from multiple years which add up to 300 questions and have compiled them in a single downloadable pdf formatted ebook.

POCHTECH Past Questions

Is this ebook necessary? I should say it does not get any more necessary than this. That is if you genuinely wish to perform excellently in the entrance examinations.

There are at least three reasons you would find this ebook necessary. 1) It gives you sure insight into the areas you should concentrate on while you prepare for the exams. 2) With the ebook, you get the privilege of working on some questions which would appear in the examination. 3) The ebook also predisposes you to the predominant pattern which the questions take. There are a few samples below for you:

Samples of POCHTECH Past Questions

  1. J.J. Thomson’s model of the atom was abandoned because

A) it could not explain the scattering of alpha particles

B) it did not account for the neutron

C) it did not account for the size of the atom

D) it was known as a plum-pudding model

E) the model was not similar to any observable phenomena

2. The compound above exhibits

A) geometric isomerism

B) optical isomerism

C) structural isomerism

D) positional isomerism

3. Special modification which enables an organism to survive in its habitat is known as

A) adaptation

B) tolerance

C) mimicry

D) colouration

4. Water in an open container boils at a lower temperature when heated at the top of a mountain than at sea-level because at the top of a mountain

A) pressure is increased

B) pressure is reduced

C) the rays of the sun add more heat to the water

D) the saturation vapour pressure of water is higher than at sea-level

E) the temperature is lower than at sea-level

5. An organic compound has an empirical formula CH2O and vapour density of 45.
What is the molecular formula?
[C = 12, H = 1, O = 16]



C) C3H6O3

D) C2H4O2

6. Which of the following relationships does not involve two organisms?

A) Commensalism

B) Saprophitism

C) Symbiosis

D) Parasitism

7. The volume of a given mass of gas is 40cm3 at 27° C. What is its volume at 90° C if its pressure remains constant?

A) 32.84cm3

B) 40.02cm3

C) 48.40cm3

D) 57.44cm3

E) 72.84cm3

8. At 25° and zymase as catalyst, 
C6H12O6 → 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 + energy
The reaction above represented by the equation above is useful in the production of

A) propanol

B) butanol

C) methanol

D) ethanol

9. Overcrowding in a population does not result in

A) death

B) commensalism

C) competition

D) migration

10. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A) A lead-acid accumulator can deliver a large current because of its very large internal resistance.

B) A secondary cell can be recharged.

C) As a lead-acid accumulator is being charged, the density of the acid in it increases.

D) The chemical action in a primary cell is irreversible.

E) The conventional current in a circuit flows from the positive to the negative terminal of the battery.

Subjects Combination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

This institution is known for its good reputation and because of this, a lot is expected from you so u need to study with materials from good sources and make sure you get the cutoff score.

Good luck.

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