Oyo State College of Midwifery Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Exams

By | June 22, 2020

Oyo State College of Midwifery Past Questions

Oyo State College of Midwifery Past Questions and answers: In this platform, we grant you access to the Oyo State College of Midwifery Past Questions along with others. We have compiled questions collected from the last five editions of the exams. They are approximately 300 questions altogether, all in a single pdf formatted ebook downloadable with your mobile device or desktop.

Oyo State College of Midwifery Past Questions

Oyo State College of Midwifery Past Questions

With the ebook, your chances of an emphatic performance in the exams are given a boost. It offers you insight into the crucial things you should know, how the questions are usually patterned, and it gives you access, even beforehand, to some of the questions that would be asked in the exams. Below are a few samples:

Samples of Oyo State College of Midwifery Past Questions

  1. Which of the following scientists did not contribute to the development of genetics?

A) Wilhem Johannsen

B) Felix Durjadin

C) Thomas Morgan

D) Gregor Mendel

2. The distance between two successive crests of a water wave is 0.5m. If a particle on the surface of the water wave makes two complete vertical oscillations in 1s, calculate the speed of the wave.

A) 0.25ms-1

B) 0.50ms-1

C) 1.00ms-1

D) 2.00ms-1

E) 4.00ms-1

3. The alloy duralumin is used for the building of aeroplanes because it?

A) asborbs heat readily from sure thereby preventing the inside of the plane from getting cold at high attitudes

B) reflects sunlight readily, thereby keeping the inside of the plane cool

C) is extremely durable and possesses reflective ability

D) is easily the lightest building material

E) possesses both strenght and lightness

4. Which of the following terms is associated with natural selections?

A) adaptive radiation

B) Differential reproduction

C) Population variability

D) Survival of the fiffest

5. In 90 seconds, the mass of a radioactive element reduces to 116116 of its original value. Determine the half- life of the element.

A) 15.0s

B) 18.0s

C) 22.5s

D) 30.0s

E) 45.0s

6. A solution X on mixing with AgNO3 solution, gives a white precipitate solution in NH3. A Solution Y, when added to X, also gives a white precipiate which is soluble on boiling. Solution Y contains?

A) Ag+ion

B) Pb2+ion

C) Pb4+ion

D) Zn2+ion

E) Al3+ion

7. In which of the following insects is group instinct not displayed?

A) Solder ants

B) Cockroaches

C) Honey bees

D) Termites

8. Which of the following statements about the concept of solid friction is NOT true?

A) It always acts in the direction of motion

B) It causes wear and tear in car tyres

C) It depends on the nature of the surfaces in contact

D) It is independent of the area of the surfaces in contact.

E) It reduces the efficiency of the machine

Subjects Combination

  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

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