OSCOHTECH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF

By | June 22, 2020

OSCOHTECH School of Nursing Past Questions

OSCOHTECH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers: This is the OSCOHTECH School of Nursing past questions’ portal. We have an ebook of the past questions collected from the last five years’ exams. This ebook is in pdf format and it contains about 300 questions. Below are some samples for you:

Samples of OSCOHTECH School of Nursing Past Questions

  1. Which of the following questions is correct about the periodic table?

A) The non-metallic properties of the elements tend to decrease across each period

B) The valence electrons of the elements increase progressively across the period

C) Elements in the same group have the same numbeer of electron shells

D) Elements in the same period have the number of valence electrons

2. Endangered species are organisms that ought to be

A) hunted

B) killed

C) poached

D) protected

3. An isotope has an atomic number of 15 and a mass number of 31. The number of protons it contain is

A) 16

B) 15

C) 46

D) 31

4. Which of the following substances is not a conservable natural resource?

A) Minerals

B) Air

C) Soil

D) Water

5. A car travels with a constant velocity of 45 kmh-1 for 20s. What distance does it cover in this time?

A) 0.025m

B) 0.250m

C) 2.500m

D) 25.000m

E) 250.000m

6. The molecular lattice of iodine is held together by

A) dative bond

B) metallic bond

C) hydrogen bond

D) van der Waal’s forces

7. Which of the following actions do not reflect the objectives of conservation of natural resources?

A) Protection of the ecosystem

B) Saving some species from extinction

C) Elimination of some wild animals to enable others survive

D) Prevention of indiscriminate killing of organism

8. When the same amount of current, I is passed through different wires under the same conditions, the rates of production of heat are

A) directly proportional to I

B) directly proportional to the resistances of the wires

C) directly proportional to the square of the resistances of the wires

D) inversely proportional to I

E) inversely proportional to the resistance of the wires

OSCOHTECH School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

With this ebook, you are sure of at least three guaranteed benefits. First, it exposes you to the pattern of the questions; second, it streamlines your areas of concentration so you do not have to waste precious time studying things you don’t have need for while you might miss the ones you need; third, it serves as an expo since some of those past questions are likely to repeat in the main exams.

Subjects Combination

  1. English
  2. Biology
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry

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