Ogun State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2021 Exams

Ogun State School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

Ogun State School of Nursing Past Questions and answers: As you are here, then it is my belief that you wish to download the Ogun State School of Nursing entrance examination past questions. That said, you are welcome to where the provision of your need is our utmost responsibility. Here we provide you with the past questions in their most organized form. We compile the questions of the past 5 editions of the examinations into a single pdf, and this provides you with the opportunity to assess about 300 past questions. Check below for some of the samples:

Sample of Ogun State School of Nursing Past Questions

  1. Which to the following is NOT a fundamental unit?

A) Ampere

B) Kelvin

C) Kilogramme

D) Newton

E) Second

2. A suitable solvent for iodine and nephthalene is

A) carbon (IV) sulphide

B) ethanol

C) water

D) benzene

3. Which of the following orders correctly represents the trend in eutrophication?

A) Lack of oxygen → Death of aquatic organisms → Massive algal growth

B) Excess nitrates and phosphates → Massive algal growth → Lack of oxygen → Death of aquatic organisms

C) Heavy mineralization → Lack of oxygen → Massive algal growth

D) Excess nitrates and phosphates → Lack of oxygen → Massive algal growth → Death of aquatic organisms

3. A projectile fired with initial velocity, u will attain its maximum height H when the angle of projection θ is

A) 30°

B) 450°

C) 60°

D) 75°

E) 90°

4. A suitable solvent for iodine and nephthalene is

A) carbon (IV) sulphide

B) ethanol

C) water

D) benzene

5. Which of the following inherited conditions usually shows incomplete dominance?

A) Sickle cell anaemia

B) Haemophilia

C) Tongue rolling ability

D) Baldness

6. For total internal reflection to occur,

I. light must be travelling from an optically more dense to an optically less dense medium.

II. the angle of incidence in the denser medium must be greater than its critical angle.

III. the angle of refraction in the less dense medium must be equal to 90 °. Which of the statements above is/are correct?

A) I only

B) II only

C) III only

D) I and II only

7. Which of the following noble gases is commonly found in the atmosphere?

A) Xenon

B) Neon

C) Helium

D) Argon

8. Hardness of water is mainly due to the presence of

A) calcium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide

B) calcium trioxocarbonate (IV) or calcium tetraoxosulphate (VI)

C) sodium hydroxide or magnesium ydroxide

D) calcium chloride or sodium chloride salts

9. The theory of survival of the fittest was propounded by

A) Darwin

B) Lamarck

C) Linnaeus

D) Mendel

Ogun State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

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Subjects Combination for Ogun State School of Nursing Entrance Examinations

  1. English
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics

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