Ogun State School of Midwifery Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Exams

Ogun State School of Midwifery Past Questions

Ogun State School of Midwifery Past Questions and answers: This is the page for all the candidates of the Ogun State School of Midwifery entrance examinations. This is where you are guided on how to access the past questions with just as easy as a few clicks. We bring together questions from the past 5 editions of the exams and compile them into a pdf formatted ebook.

Ogun State School of Midwifery Past Questions

One could certainly do much more wrong than acquiring this ebook because it is more or less a prerequisite for performing excellently in the examinations. Why would you need it? Let’s say there are at least three reasons: it gets you predisposed, first, to the mode of questions; second, to the areas of preponderance; and third, to some of the questions which would be asked in the examination. Below are some samples for you:

Ogun State School of Midwifery Past Questions

Sample Ogun State School of Midwifery Past Questions

  1. Which statement is NOT correct about Rutherford’s model of the atom?

A) The diameter of the nucleus is of the order of 10-15m

B) The mass of an atom is concentrated in the nucleus

C) The model is applicable to atoms with one electron in the outer shell

D) The nucleus of an atom is positively charged

2. The main difference between a seed and a fruit is that a fruit

A) is large while a seed is small

B) has two scars while a seed is has one

C) is pigmented while a seed is not

D) can be dispersed by animals while a seed cannot

3. Consider the following equation H2O + 2Fe2+ + Cl2 ↔ 2Fe3+ + 2Cl + H2O. The only ion which behaves as an oxidising agent is

A) Fe2+

B) Cl2

C) Fe3+

D) Cl

E) H2O

4. An electric heater takes 4A when operated on a 250V supply. What is the cost of the electricity consumed at 10k per kWh when the heater is used for 5 hours?

A) 10k

B) 50k

C) N1.00

D) N5.00

E) N10.00

A student used the following steps in testing for a non-reducing sugar.

I.added Benedict’s solution to the sugar solution
II. added dilute hydrochloric acid to the sugar and boiled it;
III. added sodium hydroxide solution to the solution in II. and boiled;
IV. added Benedict’s solution to the cooled solution in III.

Use this information above to answer the question.

5. Why did the student add the dilute hydrochloric acid to the sugar solution in step ll? To

A) oxidize the sugar solution

B) hydrolyse the sugar solution

C) dry the sugar solution

D) increase the volume of the sugar solution

6. If hydrogen sulphide gas is passed into a solution of a pure iron chloride, a yellow deposit appears. If the deposit is filtered, a pale green solution is left behind. The pale green solution is

A) dilute sulphuric acid

B) dilute hydrochloric acid

C) unreacted hydrogen sulphide in water

D) iron (III) chloride

E) Iron (II) chloride

Subjects Combination for Ogun State School of Midwifery Entrance Examinations

  1. English
  2. Biology
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry

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