NTI PGDE Past Questions and Answers – Download PDF 2011 Till Date (Complete & Updated PDF Copies for First and Second Semester)

By | July 18, 2020

NTI PGDE past questions and answers are provided on this page for interested students seeking to download and study past question papers for the Nigerian Teachers Institute Post Graduate Diploma in Education program. We are glad to inform you that we have been able to compile NTI past questions for PGDE students in Nigeria. These questions and answers are compiled from the yearly exams and that are held in every semester of the programme. It should be noted that NTI postgraduate past questions that we have here are all available in PDF soft copies that will be delivered to you after payment has been made to purchase a copy.

NTI PGDE Past Questions

Answers are also supplied in this ebook for every question found in it. This ebook covers questions and answers for all NTI PGDE courses for both first and second semister. Some of the courses for which past questions and answers are available in our store, are:

  • History of Education PDE (101)
  • Developmental Psychology PDE (102)
  • General Methods in Education PDE (103)
  • Curriculum Design and Development PDE (104)
  • Measurement and Evaluation in Education PDE (105)
  • Psychology of Education PDE (106)
  • Philosophy of Education PDE (107)
  • Research Methods in Education PDE (108)
  • Sociology of Education PDE (109)
  • Statistical Methods in Education PDE (110)
  • Micro Teaching PDE (111)
  • Guidance and Counselling PDE (112)
  • History of education PDE (701)
  • Developmental psychology PDE (702)
  • General principles and methods in education PDE (703)
  • Principles of curriculum design and development PDE (704)
  • Measurement and evaluation PDE (705)
  • Educational psychology PDE (706)
  • Philosophy of education PDE (707)
  • Research methods in education PDE (708)
  • Sociology of education PDE (709)
  • Statistical method in education PDE (710)
  • Micro teaching PDE (711)
  • Guidance and counseling PDE (712) 


NTI PGDE Past Questions

Samples of NTI PGDE Past Questions for Philosophy of Education PDE (107) Drafted from one of the year’s semester exams.

1(a). Briefly explain the three (3) modes of philosophy

 (b). Distinguish between common and technical science and relate each to philosophy and Science.

 (c). Compare and contrast Philosophy and Science.

2(a). What is Metaphysics?

  (b). State any four (4) basic issues of metaphysics.

3(a). Explain the meaning of Axiology.

 (b). Differentiate between Ethics and Aesthetics

All past questions provided in this ebook have their answers supplied accordingly, so you don’t have to panic. Once you download it, you will be able to view different questions and answers in other course.

How to Download NTI Post Graduate Diploma in Education Past Question Papers

This is how to download, the PDF copy will be sent to your email once payment of N2,500 naira is made to the account details that will be shown below. Please note that NTI past questions for the PGDE programme are sold for two thousand naira per semester. That is to say that we shall deliver NTI PGDE past questions to you for download via email at the price of 2,500 for all courses in first semester, and another 2,5000 for all courses in second semester. This makes it a total of N4,000 naira. If you need past questions for just first semester exam courses, then that will be two thousand five hundred naira but, if you need for both semester, it will cost you 5,000 NAIRA. This is because this ebook is voluminous and quite elaborate.  


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0523296040

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How to proceed after payment

Please send the following details to 08100923529 via whatsapp as SMS. Once payment is confirmed and the information below is received, the past questions will be delivered to you.

  1. Name of Depositor or Screen Shot of payment receipt.
  2. An active email address.
  3. Name of past questions for which payment has been made.
  4. Type of past question demanded. For example; either for first or second semester, or both.

NOTE: The contact number is 08100923529. You can call and also chat at anytime.

Disclaimer: Only real and genuine NTI PGDE past questions are available on this page. The time frame for delivery usually takes a period of 5minutes minimum to 24hours maximum. This is dependent on our policy of first come first serve. Your past questions will be delivered as this page promise. You can call or chat the number above for inquiries and so on. 

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