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Npower Exams Past Questions and answers: This page offers the best Npower Past Questions and Answers for 2021 Online Exams. We have been able to put together Npower past questions for the online screening test that was conducted for the Batch A and Batch B beneficiaries of the Npower Scheme. 

Npower past questions helps you discover Assessment Test questions that was set for the batch A & batch B candidates, who wrote the exams online. You may download Npower CBT past questions on this page as the exams will be Computer Base Test. The Npower Assessment Test past questions available here are:

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  • Npower Agro past questions
  • Npower Tax past questions
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I find Npower past questions PDF very helpful and I recommend that you too should download them. A  number of candidates has began to get prepared for the online assessment test. More than 100 free samples of Npower exams past questions and answers are shown on this page too, so you can quickly have a picture of what is contained in the complete ebook.

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Npower Exams Past Questions

  1. Which of the following is true regarding access lists applied to an interface?

A  You can place as many access lists as you want on any interface until you run out of memory.

B  You can apply only one access list on any interface.

C  One access list may be configured, per direction, for each layer 3 protocol configured on an interface.

D  You can apply two access lists to any interface.

2. Which command would you use to apply an access list to a router interface?

A IP access-list 101 out

B  Access-list ip 101 in

C  IP access-group 101 in

D Access-group ip 101 in

3. Which of the following is an example of a standard IP access list?

A  Access-list 110 permit host

B  Access-list 1 deny

C  Access-list 1 permit

D  Access-list standard

4. You need to create an access list that will prevent hosts in the network range of to Which of the following lists will you use?

A Access-list 10 deny

B Access-list 10 deny

C Access-list 10 deny

D Access-list 10 deny

5. You are working on a router that has established privilege levels that restrict access to certain functions. You discover that you are not able to execute the command show running-configuration. How can you view and confirm the access lists that have been applied to the Ethernet 0 interface on your router?

A show access-lists

B show interface Ethernet 0

C  show IP access-lists

D show IP interface Ethernet 0

6. The object definition language (ODL) is which of the following?

A Used to develop logical schemas

B A data definition language for OODB

C  A method to implement a logical schema

D  All of the above.

7. An atomic literal is which of the following?

A Strings

B Boolean

C Long

D All of the above.

8. Which of the following is true concerning an ODBMS?

A  They have the ability to store complex data types on the Web.

B They are overtaking RDBMS for all applications.

C  They are most useful for traditional, two-dimensional database table applications.

D  All of the above.

9. The reserved word enum is used for which of the following?

A To define a range for an attribute.

B To define a range for a class.

C To define a range for a relationship.

D All of the above.

10. Which of the following is an unordered collection of elements that may contain duplicates?

A Set

B Bag

C List

D Dictionary

11. When using the SQL INSERT statement:

A rows can be modified according to criteria only.

B rows cannot be copied in mass from one table to another only.

C rows can be inserted into a table only one at a time only.

D rows can either be inserted into a table one at a time or in groups.

12.What is not an advantage of stored procedures?

A Greater security

B  SQL can be optimized

C  Code sharing

D Increased network traffic

13. A reason for using an SQL view to hide columns is:

A to simplify a result only.

B to prevent the display of sensitive data only.

C to accomplish both of the above.

D None of the above are reasons for using an SQL view.

14. Which of the following is an SQL trigger supported by Oracle?




D All of the above.

15. The SQL ALTER statement can be used to:

A change the table structure.

B change the table data.

C add rows to the table.

D delete rows from the table.

16. What SQL structure is used to limit column values of a table?

A The LIMIT constraint

B The CHECK constraint

B The VALUE constraint

D None of the above is correct.

17. Which is NOT one of the most common types of SQL CHECK constraints?

A System date

B Range checks

CLists of values

D Comparing one column value to another within the same table

18. What is an advantage of placing computations in SQL views?

A To save users from having to write an expression.

B To ensure that the results are consistent.

C To accomplish both of the above.

D None of the above is correct – computations cannot be placed in a view.

19. Views constructed from SQL SELECT statements that conform to the SQL-92 standard may not contain:





20. In a network with dozens of switches, how many root bridges would you have?

A 1

B 2

C 5

D 12

21. What PPP protocol provides dynamic addressing, authentication, and multilink?




D X.25

22. What is a stub network?

A A network with more than one exit point.

B A network with more than one exit and entry point.

C A network with only one entry and no exit point.

D A network that has only one entry and exit point.

23. If your router is facilitating a CSU/DSU, which of the following commands do you need to use to provide the router with a 64000bps serial link?

A RouterA(config)#bandwidth 64

B RouterA(config-if)#bandwidth 64000

C RouterA(config-if)#clock rate 64

D RouterA(config-if)#clock rate 64000

24. Which one of the following is true regarding VLANs?

A Two VLANs are configured by default on all Cisco switches.

B VLANs only work if you have a complete Cisco switched internetwork. No off-brand switches are allowed.

C You should not have more than 10 switches in the same VTP domain.

D VTP is used to send VLAN information to switches in a configured VTP domain.

Npower Exam Past Questions

We are focus on helping candidates who applied for the 2020 Npower recruitment and are about to take the online test. We recommend that you download Npower exam past questions from this page. It should be noted that only candidates who are selected after the online test shall given appointment by the Federal Government. The standard for selection of successful candidates will be based on merit. Now, to successful scale through Npower onlin examination, we recommend you to download and study Npower recruitment past questions as we have compiled copies with us.

Quick Guide About Npower Exams Past Questions

Npower past questions and answers are basically general knowlege, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and lastly current affairs. Truth be told, these questions are not difficult. Let’s briefly study some few samples below.

Samples of Npower Exams Past Questions

  1. _____________ is computer software designed to translate image of type written test.

A. Optical character recognition

B. Ms office

C. Adobe

D. Photoshop

2. Which of the following statement is not correct regarding SPAMs?

A. Spam can be used to spread viruses malicious software’s

B. Spam can be used to do identity theft

C. Spam cannot be used to spread viruses

D. CAPTCHA is a method to reduce Spam’s on a website

3. COBOL is widely used in _________ applications

A. Commercial

B. Scientific

C. Space

D. Mathematical

4. Which of the following is the short-cut key to close an active tab of a browser?

A. Alt + F4

B. Ctrl + F4

C. Ctrl + W

D. Shift + C

5. The original basic language was designed in the year

A. 1966

B. 1970

C. 1964

D. 1999

6. What is the full form of PDF?-

A. Private document format

B. Portable Document Format

C. Post domain free format

D. Public document format

7. The code that relational database management systems use to perform their database task is referred to as



C. Sequel Server


8. The _________ protocol defines how a client and server establish an SSL connection.


B. Record

C. Hand Shake

D. All of these

9. ____________ is the continuous ability to send and receive data between interconnected networks.




D. Network Interoperability

10. Which of the following is java web server?

A. Apache Tomcat

B. Jetty

C. Resin

D. All of the above

General Npower Test Quiz Past Questions:

1. Which is the smallest fraction among the following?
Select one:
A. 3/4;
B. 6/7
C. 1/2
D. 6/5
2. How did you do in the test? Not so well. I ______ much better but I misread the directions for
Select one:
A. Will have done
B. Can have done
C. Must have done
D. May have done
E. Could have done
3. The Capital of Lagos State is_____
Select one:
A. Bariga
B. Isale-Eko
C. Eko
D. Ikeja
E. Ikorodu
4. If the day tomorrow is Sunday, what was it yesterday?
Select one:
A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Friday
D. Saturday.
5. Amaka was the cynosure of all eyes at the party. This means that __________
Select one:
A. She attracted everybody’s attention
B. Everybody was surprised that she attended the part
C. None of the options 263
D. Everybody looked down at her
E. She was notorious for her behaviour
6. Who is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria
Select one:
A. Alhaji Mai Borno
B. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
C. Godwin Emefiele
D. Adamu Chiroma
E. Charles Soludo.
7. In words number 14 can be written as _________
Select one:
A. Forteen.
B. Fourteen.
C. Fortin.
D. Fourtin.
8. [Choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the uppercase word.]
Few people prefer the RURAL to the ______ areas.
Select one:
A. Urban
B. Modern
C. Pastoral
D. Central
E. Rustic
9. A piece of land completely surrounded by water is known as_________
Select one:
A. A platform
B. A lagoon
C. A lake
D. An island
E. None of the options.
10. Bose shouldn’t have interrupted the teacher, _________?
Select one:
A. Could she
B. Didn’t she
C. Should she
D. Did she
E. Can she.
11. Are you willing to be deployed to a rural area?
Select one:
12. At this time, do you have any computer programming or software development skills?
Select one:
13. At this time, which one or a combination of these devices do you own:
Select one or more:
A. Smartphone (mobile phones with Internet capabilities)
B. Laptop
C. Tablet
14. Do you have any physical disability?
Select one:
A. Yes
B. No
15. Gender?
Select one:
A. Female
B. Male
16. Which of these classifications and/or post-graduate degrees apply to you?
A. 3rd Class / Pass
B. 1st Class / Distinction and Masters
C. 2nd Class Lower / Lower Credit + PGD
D. 1st Class / Distinction
E. 3rd Class /Pass + PGD
F. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit
G. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit + PGD
H. 3rd Class / Pass + Masters
i. 2nd Class Lower / Lower Credit
j. 2nd Class Lower / Lower Credit + Masters
k. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit + Masters
l. 1st Class / Distinction and PGD 263
17. What is your current employment status?
Select one:
A. Full-time
B. Part-time
C. Freelance
D. Unemployed
18. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?
19. What was the first political party in Nigeria?
20. Who is the current president of Nigeria?
21. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?
22. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm represent?
23. What do the two horses on the Nigerian coat of arm represent?
24. What was the black shield in the Nigerian coat of arm stand for?
25. What does the white colour in Nigerian flag stand for?
26. A car travels at xkm per hour for 1 hour at ykm per hour for 2 hours. Find its average speed.
(a) 2x+2ykmh-1/3
(b) x+ ykmh-1/3
(c) x+2 ykmh-1
(d) 2x+ ykmh-1/3
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27. The ages of three men are in the ratio 3:4:5. If the difference between the ages of the oldest and
youngest is 18 years, find the sum of the ages of the three men.
(a) 45 years
(b) 72 years
(c) 108 years
(d) 216 years
28. A bicycle wheel of radius 42cm is rolled over a distance of 66m. How many revolutions does it
[Take π=22/7] (a) 2.5
(b) 5
(c) 25
(d) 50
29. In a bag of oranges, the ratio of the good ones to the bad ones is 5:4. If the number of bad ones in
the bag is 36, how many oranges are there altogether?
(a) 81
(b) 72
(c) 54
(d) 45
30. A man is four times as old as his son. The difference between their ages is 36. Find the sum of
their ages.
(a) 45 years`
(b) 48 years
(c) 60 years
(d) 74 years
31. If 4m+3n = 5, find the ratio m:n 4m-3n 3
(a) 7:4
(b) 4:3
(c) 3:4
(d) 4:7
32. If 2x : (x+1) =3:2, what is the value of x?
(a) ½
(b) 1
(c) 1½
(d) 3
33. The ratio of the number of men to the number of women in a 20 member committee is 3:1. How
many women must be added to the 20 member committee so as to make the ratio of men to women
3:2 ?
(a) 2
(b) 5
(c) 7
(d) 9
34. What is the probability of having an odd number in a single toss of a fair die?
(a) 1/6
(b) 1/3
(c) ½
(d) 2/3
Use the following information for question 36 and 36.
The surname of 40 children in a class were arranged in alphabetical order,16 of the surnames begin 263
with O and 9 of the surnames begins with A. 14 letters of the alphabet do not appear as the first letter
of a surname.
35. What is the probability that the surname of a child picked at random from the class begins with
either O and A?
(a) 5/8
(b) 7/8
(c) 9/16
(d) 14/25
36. If more than one surname begins with a letter besides A and O, how many surnames begin with
the letter?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 6
37. Have you moved into your new house yet? Not yet. The rooms________.
(a) is being painted
(b) None of the options
(c) is painted
(d) are painted
(e) are being painted
38. The closest government to the people is_______
(a) Federal Government
(b) United Nation
(c) local government
(d) Ward Government
(e) State Government
39. Brazil is a country in
(a) America
(b) Africa
(c) Europe
(d) Asia
40. A reflex angle is______
(a) greater than 90 and less than 263
(b) degrees.
(c) 160 degrees.
(d) less than 45 degrees.
(e) less than 90 degree.

Answers to Npower Test Quiz
1.C, 2.E, 3.D, 4.C, 5.E, 6.C, 7.B, 8.A, 9.D, 10.C, 20. Muhammadu Buhari, 21. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, 26. C,27.C, 28.C, 29.A, 30.C, 31.A, 32.D, 33.B, 34.C, 35.A, 36.B, 37.E, 38.C, 39.B

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