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Download Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers 2019 PDF

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The Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF is available on this page. This preparatory guide for the Nigeria Navy DSSC aptitude test and selection interview contains the updated copy. The essence of this material is to guide you in preparing for the screening exercise and aptitude test that will be coming up shortly.

To excel at the Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment screening, then you need to download your personal copy of the Nigeria Navy DSSC recruitment past questions and answers. This page contains the most recently and updated copy of the 2019 Nigeria Navy DSSC screening past questions and answers.

Sample of Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment Past Questions & Answers

Some of the questions below usually come up during the Nigeria Navy DSSC screening interview. They will also help you in passing the the Nigerian Navy DSSC aptitude test exams for 2019 recruitment.

When the National Flag is flown half mask, it is a sign of
a. Centenary Celebration.
b. Children’s Day.
c. Independence.
d. Mourning.
e. Worker’s Day Celebration.

In the civil service, cleaners, drivers and security belong to……… class?a. Administrative.
b. Clerical.
c. Lower.
d. Messengerial.
e. Professional.
Koffi Annan was the former secretary general of ……………?
a. African Union (AU).
b. Commonwealth of Nations.
c. Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
d. European Union (EU).
e. United Nations (UN).

The Green Colour on the traffic light indicates?
a. Be Fast.
b. Get Ready.
c. Go.
d. Slow Down.
e. Stop.

The Universal Declaration of Protection of Human Rights
Abuse and Violation Worldwide was adopted by the United Nations
(UN) in the year?
a. 1935.
b. 1940.
c. 1948.
d. 1950.
e. 1955.
World AIDS Day is observed on?
a. 20th May.
b. 30th July.
c. 27th August.
d. 1
st December.
The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and
Control (NAFDAC) was established in?
a. 1993.
b. 1996.
c. 1990.
d. 2001.

National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons
(NAPTIP) is an initiative of …………..?
a. Federal Government of Nigeria.
b. United States Agency for International Development.
c. Woman Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation.
d. United States Office on Drugs and Crime.

Which of the following is not a function of the National Drug Law
Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)?
a. Applying and implementing all Drug Laws.
b. Arresting, Investigating and Prosecuting Drug Traffickers.
c. Undertaking the Registration of Companies dealing on Drugs.
d. Carrying out Enlightenment Campaigns on Drug Trafficking.

Which of the following statements best describes Human
a. Recruitment of Youths as Casual Workers.
b. Desperate desire by youths to travel abroad.
c. Buying and Selling of Humans for Selfish Purposes.
d. Transportation of goods and services through Human Portage.
A major Civil Society Group which campaigns against Military
Rule prior to the advert of the Four Republic in Nigeria is the
a. Campaign for Democracy.
b. Save Nigeria Group.
c. Civil Liberties Organization.
d. National Democracy Coalition.
Drug Law enforcement agencies in Nigeria are empowered to
a. Execute Drug Suspects.
b. Arrest Drug Barons.
c. Prosecute Drug Traffickers.
d. Rehabilitate Drug Addicts.
One of the ways to ensure free and fair elections is to?
a. Allow parties to campaign on Election Day.
b. Ensure INEC Chairman is appointed from a Pressure Group.
c. Operate a one party system.
d. Appoint a politician as the chairman of the electoral commission.

Nigeria is a federation of ………….. states with Abuja as its
a. 35.
b. 36.
c. 38.
d. 37.

The Administrative Class in the Public Service is to?
a. Implement Policies.
b. Formulate Policies.
c. Veto Policies.
d. Oversee Policies.

The first Pan African Conference was held in ………………?
a. Paris.
b. Brussels.
c. New York.
d. London.

The Economic Commission for Africa is an Agency of ……………?
a. OAU.
b. Commonwealth.
c. OCAM.
d. Africa Development Bank.

Nigeria is not a member of ……………?
a. OAU.
b. Security Council of the UN.
c. African Development Bank.
d. Common

How to Download Nigeria Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers

The Nigeria Navy DSSC Past Questions Past Questions study pack is N2,000.00 only, payable through  mobile transfer. Payment transaction is to be made to our past questions vendor via the account details below:

ACCOUNT NAME: Mkponkeabasi James

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0694592070

BANK NAME: Access Bank.

After payment, send the following details to us via 08100923529 on whatsapp.

  • Depositors Name.
  • Name of Past Questions you are requesting for.
  • A valid email address which you will use in receiving the past questions & answers.
  • You phone number.

NOTE: The past questions and answers will be sent to your email in a PDF format for download. Make sure to send the following listed above as one message to 08100923529.


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