Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

By | May 23, 2020

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions and answers are provided on this page for PDF download. To download Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions, you need to read the procedure to obtain the past questions on this page.

Considering the subjects available in this eBook, they include Mathematics, English Language and Current Affairs/ General Knowledge. If you’re a prospective candidate for Nigerian Air Force DSSC aptitude test, it is recommended that you study these past questions, in order to be prepared. Once way to ace the exams is through rigorous studies and reading of past questions like this. We have provide some sample questions below for you to study. However, these samples are limited to only a few.

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions

Sample Questions:

  1. In a bag of oranges, the ratio of good ones to bad ones is 5:4. If the number of bad oranges in the bag is 36, how many oranges are there altogether?

A 72

B 81

C 54

D 45

2. A man is four times as old as his son. The difference between their ages is 36. Find the sum of their ages

A 45years

B 48years

C 60years

D 74years

3. A student spends ¼ of his pocket money on books and 1/3 on a shirt. What fraction remains?

A 5/6

B 7/12

C 1/6

D 5/12

4. The —— in today’s issue of The Punch News paper focused on inflation

A title

B editorial

C headline

D story

5. President Jonathan’s speech—— at 9pm yesterday

A had being broadcast

B had been broadcast

C was broadcasted

D was broadcast

6. The way to stop frivolous publications is to—–the press

A bribe

B gag

C jail

D shackle

7. The instrument used to measure air pressure is called

A Rain gauge

B Thermometer

C Wind vane

D Hygrometer

8. The relationship traced to one’s father side is called

A matrilineal

B patrilineal

C lineage

D cousin

9. The most wide spread traditional occupation in Nigeria is

A farming

B blacksmithing

C weaving

D driving

10. The scientific explanation of man’s origin is referred to as—-theory

A technological

B ancient

D evolution

11. Which of these is NOT a symbol of the nation

A coat of arms

B the pledge

C Aso Rock

D National flag

12. The money, equipment and building which are being channelled for production of goods is known as

A capital

B labour

C land

D management

13. Voyage refers to travelling by

A air

B water

C rail

D road

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions

Nigerian Air Force Direct Short Service Commission past questions will enhance your preparation while awaiting the aptitude test exams. One step to stay at the top of your game and ahead of others is to study these questions and answers. The good thing is, correct answers has been supplied to each questions here. You don’t need to worry about the stress of searching for their answers as they have been provided already. Suffice to say that your success during the aptitude test is guaranteed when you study NAF DSSC past questions and answers.

How to Download Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions

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We also have the following past questions whose exams might be held later on this year. They include but are not limited to the following: