NDA Exams Past Questions and Answers for 2021 Exam Preparations

Download free NDA exams past questions and answers on this page as compiled copies from 2010 till date are available here. NDA past questions are meant for candidates who will be taking the Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Examination for 2020.

NDA Exams Past Questions

NDA Past Questions

We have collected series of past exam papers and also provided correct answers to these questions. This compiled papers make up for NDA past questions and answers from 2010-2019. If you are in need to download NDA past question papers, then you are at the right were real and up to date copies are provided. Due to the voluminous nature of these past question papers, a token of 2,000 naira goes for the complete past question compilations. Please be informed that NDA past questions available here, are PDF soft copies. This ebook shall be delivered to your email once payment is made to purchase the ebook. A step by step guide will be shown below on how to download NDA past questions.

Samples of NDA Past Questions (Economics 2015):

These samples are 2015 Economics past questions for the entrance examination. This is so that you have a glimpse at what the main document look like.

1. Which of the following does not cause an increase in supply?
A. an increase in the commodity’s price
B. an improvement in technology
C. a reduction in factor price
D. a decrease in the cost of material

2. Which of the following statements is not true when the price is above the equilibrium price?
A. there is a shortage of the commodity
B. the quantity supplied exceeds the quantity demanded of the commodity
C. the pressure on the commodity price is downward
D. there is a surplus of the commodity

3. A specific argument advanced for protection is?
A. to protect domestic labour against cheap foreign labour
B. to reduce unemployment
C. to protect infant industries and industries important for national defence
D. all of the above

4. The interest rate is?
A. the price of using money or loanable funds
B. expressed in percentage terms
C. determined by demand and supply of loanable funds
D. all of the above

5. In order to maximize profits, a firm borrows until the return on investment
A. equals the rate of interest
B. exceeds the rate of interest
C. is smaller than the rate of interest
D. none of the above

6. The market supply of labour depends on
A. the population size
B. the proportion of the population in the labour force
C. the state of the economy
D. all of the above

7. Which of the following are leakages from the circular flow?
A. consumption and saving
B. saving and imports
C. imports and exports
D. exports and saving

8. Which of the following cost items refers to price?
A. variable cost
B. average cost
C. opportunity cost
D. fixed cost

9. The basis for all economic activities is
A. scarcity
B. poverty
C. industrial expansion
D. economic development

10. Which of these factors does not determine the level of aggregate savings?
A. the level of income
B. the size of the population
C. income distribution
D. the rate of interest

11. In the theory of the firm, the curve used in the determination of profit level is?
A. the average fixed cost
B. the marginal cost
C. the average variable cost
D. the average cost

12. If the supply of a commodity is perfectly inelastic the market price is determined by?
A. demand
B. supply
C. the cost of production
D. quantity supplied.

13. One of the economic problems of Nigeria today arises from?
A. the overutilization of human resources
B. inadequate man-power resources
C. overutilization of manpower resources
D. the underutilization of manpower resources.

14. International trade is necessary because?
A. different countries arc differently endowed in natural and human resources
B. no country is an autarky
C. some countries have a comparative advantage in the production of particular commodities over other countries.
D. countries are determined to increase their gold.

15. The monetary system that relates to the double coincidence of wants is referred to as?
A. the gold standard
B. the cheque system
C. barter
D. the commodity system

16. The World Trade Organization is responsible for?
A. stabilizing and harmonizing oil price
B. ensuring equal participation of countries in trade
C. minimizing obstacles to international trade and investment
D. modernizing world economics

17. The money paid per hour for work done is
A. salary
B. cost
C. bonus
D. wage rate

18. In modern economies, the Malthusian theory of population is ineffective because of
A. technical progress
B. government policies
C. birth control measures
D. natural disaster

19. During the era of barter, money was generally in the form of
A. coins
B. notes
C. commodities
D. precious metals

20. The downturn in the prices of shares on stock markets is a highlight of
A. Invisible hand
B. efficient allocation of resources
C. consumer rationality
D. the regulatory nature of the market

21. If x̄ = 6 and N = 6, determine the value of Σfx
A. 72
B. 12
C. 36
D. 1

22 A typical feature of a market economy is that
A. there is equality of economic agents
B. full employment exists
C. consumer sovereignty
D. all producers make a profit

23. In long-run, one of the characteristics of monopolistic competitive firms is that they?
A. suffer losses
B. collude with each other
C. make abnormal profits
D. make normal profits

24. Per Capita Income in any African country is measured by
A. adding total investment to the GNP
B. adding total saving to the GNP
C. dividing the GNP by the total population
D. adding total saving to the GDP

25. The income-consumption relationship indicates that the marginal propensity to consume?
A. is greater than zero and greater than one
B. equals to zero
C. equal to one
D. lies between zero and one


  1.  A
  2.  A
  3.  D
  4.  D
  5.  A
  6.  D
  7.  B
  8.  C
  9.  A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. A
  13. D
  14. A
  15. C
  16. C
  17. D
  18. A
  19. C
  20. D
  21. C
  22. C
  23. D
  24. C
  25. D

Other Samples of NDA Exams Past Questions (Biology 2014):

1. The branch of Biology dealing with inheritance is
A. Genetics
B. Evolution
C. Embryology
D. Eugenics

2. The four elements that form the 99% of the protoplasm are
A. N, O, P, S
B. C, H, N, O
C. H, N, Ca, Cl
D. C, O, Ca, S

3. The movement of a substance against the electrochemical gradient is known as
A. Osmosis
B. Diffusion
C. Active transport
D. Endosmosis

4. The process by which an organism produces young ones of its own species is called
A. Sexual reproduction
B. Gametogenesis
C. Blastogenesis
D. Reproduction

5. Despite possessing chlorophyll, Euglena is regarded as an animal because
A. it can move
B. it has protoplasm
C. it has centriole
D. it has autotrophic nutrition

6. One of the following is not a feature of a monocotyledon plant.
A. They bear seeds with one cotyledon each
B. The vascular bundles of the stem are scattered
C. They undergo secondary growth
D. They have a fibrous root system

7. The cell division that takes place during the growth and development of an organism is known as
A. mitosis
B. meiosis
C. chromosomes
D. variation

8. Loss of water from the leaf surface of plants by evaporation is known as
A. Transpiration
B. Transportation
C. Translocation
D. Absorption

9. The process involved in the formation of urine are as follows, except
A. ultra-filtration
B. selective re-absorption
C. capillary system
D. tubular secretion

10. The following insects have incomplete metamorphosis except
A. Termite
B. Aphid
C. Butterfly
D. Grasshopper

11. The translocation of food materials in plant takes place in the
A. Xylem
B. Cambium
C. Phloem
D. Parenchyma

12. Which of the following is the precise location of the gene?
A. Chromosome
B. Ribosome
C. Centriole
D. Centrosome

13. In which of the following is a cellulose cell wall present?
A. Amoeba
B. Spirogyra
C. Paramecium
D. parasitic worms

14. The process by which lime is added to clay soils is known as
A. flocculation
B. sedimentation
C. leaching
D. manuring

15. The vitamin which is important in the formation of retinal pigment is
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin D

16. Most bacteria grow best in a medium around
A. PH 2.0
B. PH 3.0
C. PH 5.0
D. PH 7.0

17. Which of the following blood cells are the first to appear in response to an infection?
A. neutrophils
B. eosinophils
C. erythrocytes
D. lymphocytes

18. Which of these types of skeleton is most appropriate to the cockroach?
A. hydrostatic skeleton
B. Exoskeleton
C. Endoskeleton
D. Cartilaginous skeleton

19. Which of the following equations summarizes the process of aerobic respiration?
A. 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy ⟶ C6 + H12 + 6O2

B. C6O12O6 + 6CO2 ⟶ 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy
C. 2CO2 + energy + 2C2H5OH ⟶ C5H12O6
D. C6H12O6 ⟶ 2CO2C + 2C2H5OH + energy

20. The animals that move by means of flagella include
A. Chlamydomonas and Euglena
B. Planaria and Amoeba
C. Amoeba and Hydra
D. Paramecium and Planaria

21. In his theory of evolution, Darwin implied that_____
A. the struggle for existence among living organisms is sporadic.
B. the most successful organism are those that best adapt to their environment.
C. Organs of the body which are not regularly used by an organism will disappear.
D. any trait acquired by an organism during its lifetime can be passed on to its offspring.

22. The passage of food into the duodenum is controlled by a ring of muscles known as
A. Pyloric sphincter
B. Oesophageal sphincter
C. Rectal sphincter
D. Pharynx sphincter

23. The rate of transpiration in plants can be measured using
A. ammeter
B. Potometer
C. Photometer
D. Hydrometer

24. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic feature of a wind-dispersed fruit?
A. Light
B. Flossy structure
C. Buoyancy
D. Winged apparatus

25. Which of these plants is carnivorous?
A. Mushroom
B. Sundew
C. Cassytha
D. Nitrobacter

26. The dentition of a herbivore is distinct from that of other animals due to the presence of
A. cusps on molar teeth
B. Canines
C. Diastema
D. ridges on molar teeth

27. When the eyeball is too short, the eye defect that occurs is
A. Hypermetropia
B. Myopia
C. Astigmatism
D. Presbyopia

28. If a healthy potted plant is continuously kept in dim light
A. the rate of respiration may equal that of photosynthesis
B. more carbon dioxide and water are taken in
C. respiration may be halted
D. the volume of oxygen released increases

29. The pancreatic juice contains the enzymes amylopsin,
A. pepsin and trypsinogen
B. rennin and steapsin
C. steapsin and trypsinogen
D. steapsin and ptyalin

30. Aged erythrocytes are destroyed in the
A. pancreas
B. liver
C. lymph nodes
D. kidney

31. The seedlings in a rice field were found to have thin lanky growth with reddish leaves and poor root development. This is because the soil lacks
A. sulphur
B. phosphorus
C. potassium
D. iron

32. There will be agglutination when the______
A. Group A serum mixes with Group A erythrocytes.
B. Group A serum mixes with Group B erythrocytes.
C. Group AB serum mixes with Group O erythrocytes.
D. Group B serum mixes with Group B erythrocytes.

33. A freshwater pond may contain
A. tadpole, water boatman, leeches and crab
B. water beetle, shrimps, water snail and water bug
C. Water lily, fish, water scorpion dragonfly larva
D. pond skater, water lily, shark and mosquito larva

34. The distribution of plants in a rain forest is governed mainly by
A. vegetation
B. soil types
C. amount of sunlight
D. rainfall pattern

35. Both recessive and dominant characters are found
A. on different chromosomes in the cell
B. At the locus of a homologous chromosome
C. at different loci of a homologous chromosome
D. on the same chromatid in a chromosome

36. The probability of a baby being a boy or a girl depends on the contribution of the
A. father’s sex cell
B. father’s somatic chromosome
C. mother’s sex cell
D. mother’s X-chromosome

37. Which of the following part of the tongue is sensitive to sugar?
A. Tip
B. Back
C. Right side
D. Left side

38. Viruses could be cultured in ______
A. Petri dishes
B. MacConkey media
C. dead cells
D. living cells

39. Which of these explains a community?
A. A group of organisms found in several habitats
B. A group of population found in several habitats
C. A group of many populations of different species living in the same habitat
D. A group of population of the same species living in the same habitat

40. shows the transfer of energy and nutrient from one organism to another in a feeding pathway.
A. food web
B. trophic web
C. food chain
D. pyramid of biomass


  1.  A
  2.  B
  3.  C
  4.  D
  5.  C
  6.  C
  7.  A
  8.  A
  9.  C
  10. C
  11. A
  12. A
  13. C
  14. A
  15. A
  16. D
  17. A
  18. B
  19. B
  20. A
  21. A
  22. A
  23. B
  24. B
  25. B
  26. D
  27. A
  28. A
  29. C
  30. B
  31. B
  32. B
  33. C
  34. D
  35. B
  36. A
  37. A
  38. D
  39. D
  40. C

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  • Mathematics NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • English NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • Geography NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • Biology NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • History NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • C.R.K NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • Government NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • Physics NDA Exams past questions and answers
  • Chemistry NDA Exams past questions and answers

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