Mater school of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Mater school of Nursing Past Questions

Mater School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers are available on this site for your ease of reference or better still, for you to acquire the full package which is in pdf format. The ebook contains over 300 questions from the past five years. You will be guided on how to download the ebook should you have interest (which I expect you should).Take note that this ebook would only be delivered electronically or through online media such as email or whatsapp after the financial requirements are met. Although, as we are aware that seeing is believing for many, below, we have provided a few sample questions on the site in case one needs some clue on what to expect.

  1. Which of the following statements best describes haemoglobin? It is

A) yellowish in colour

B) a red blood cell

C) an oxygen carrying pigment

D) needed for blood clotting

2. A sound wave from a ship is received 8.4s later. What is the depth of the sea? [Speed of sound in water = 1500ms-1]

A) 0.179km

B) 0.357km

C) 3.150km

D) 6.300km

E) 12.600km

3. Water can be obtained as the only product during the

A) combustion of hydrocarbons

B) neutraliization of an acid by base

C) combustion of hydrogen

D) electrolysis of brine

4. Inhaled air is made warm and moist in the

A) epiglottis

B) nasal cavity

C) trachea

D) mouth

Mater school of Nursing Past Questions

Assuming you have genuine interest in gaining admission into the school, I expect that you would be seriously interested in this ebook which, over the years, has helped so many candidates scale through the usually tasking examinations. I don’t necessarily have to say this, but acquiring this ebook will immensely improve your chances of passing this examination even with the maximum requirements.

Subject Combination for the Mater school of Nursing Entrance Examinations Past Questions

The Mater school of Nursing questions are usually broken down into four subjects namely: English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

This section is basically a directory on how to acquire or download the past questions ebook.

N/B:    PRICE = 2000

This ebook would cost a meager 2000 which I believe, considering its value, is fair enough. Payment could be made via bank transfer or bank deposit to the following account:

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 0523296040

Account Name: Mkponkeabasi James

How to proceed after payment:

After making the payment as stated above, kindly forward these details:

  • Depositors name or screen shot of payment receipt for whatsapp users
  • Amount Paid
  • Email Address

To 08100923529 either through whatsapp or via SMS. Immediately we receive the above information and verify the payment, you will receive the ebook without any delays.

Mater school of Nursing questions

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