LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers – Download PDF

By | June 15, 2020

LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions: This is where the LUTH School of Nursing past questions are sourced, compiled, and provided for those who need them. If you happen to fall within this category, there are a few things you need to know about the LUTH entrance examinations beforehand, one of which is what their questions look like. Here, we aggregate the past questions from different editions of the examinations into an ebook. The questions would be about 300 in number. The ebook comes in a pdf format. Below are some sample questions:

Sample LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

  1. The physical and chemical factors which affect the life of organisms in an environment are described as

A) biotic

B) edaphic

C) abiotic

D) physiographic

2. Which of these factors are common to both aquatic and terrestrial habitats?

A) Light, rainfall and turbidity

B) Light, temperature and tide

C) Light, rainfall and temperature

D) Rainfall, turbidity and salinity

3. An object of mass 2kg moves for 5s with a uniform velocity of 10ms. What is the magnitude of its acceleration in ms-2 ?

A) zero

B) 2.5

C) 10

D) 12.5

E) 100

4. A catalyst increase the rate of a chemical reaction by providing a path that

A) raise the activiation energy

B) increase the temperature

C) lowers the activation energy

D) increase the concentration

5. In the electrical method of making a magnet, the polar the magnet formed depends on the

A) amount of current passed

B) direction of the current

C) nature of the material used

D) orientation of the magnetic material in space

E) size of the magnetic material

6. The equilibrium of an endothermic reaction which proceeds with an increase in volume can be shifted in the reverse direction by

A) increasing the temperature and decreasing the pressure

B) increasing the pressure and increasing the temperature

C) decreasing the temperature and increasing the pressure

D) decreasing the pressure and decreasing the temperature

7. Organisms that feed essentially on plants within any ecosystem may be referred to as

A) carnivores

B) herbivores

C) saprophytes

D) omnivores

8. Which of the following pairs of phenomena helps in the resolution of the wave-particle paradox of matter?

A) Compton effect and thermionic emission

B) Electron diffraction and refraction

C) emission and absorption of light

D) Interference and polarization

E) Reflection and photoelectric effect

9. The oxidation of ammonia in excess air produces


B) N2O

C) NO2

D) N2O4

10. Which of the following statements about feeding relationships is correct?

A) In a food web on land, grasshopper feeds on praying mantis and on predator bugs

B) In a food chain on land, green plant is the producer

C) In an aquatic food chain mollusc larvae are the producers

D) In an aquatic food web, various copepods feed on mollusk Larvae and on sand eel

11. Which of the following phenomena is responsible for the spherical shape of soap bubbles?

A) Adhesion

B) Capillarity

C) Cohesion

D) Osmosis

E) Surface tension

LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

It might not be rocket science, but practicing past questions in preparation for any entrance examination has major advantages. Especially, when such covers several years such as what we offer. I would therefore advise any candidate in the upcoming exam to avail him/ her self of this opportunity. There are basically three things one stand to benefit from acquiring this ebook: First, it makes one familiar with the pattern of questions. Second, there is an exposure to the major areas which one has to concentrate, and lastly, it offers a chance to attempt questions which might appear in the main examinations.

Subject Combination LUTH School of Nursing Entrance Examination:

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

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