Kwara State College of Nursing – KWCON Past Questions and Answers

By | June 22, 2020

Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions – KWCON Past Questions and Answers

Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions: This is where you have express accessibility to the past questions you are looking for. We have compiled questions from the past five years of the examination into a single pdf ebook which you could download at your convenience. This ebook comprises about 300 questions.

If you need Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions and answers PDF to help you prepare for her entrance examination, then you are the right place. This page will help you access and also be able to download KWCON past questions and answers PDF.

KWCON Past Questions


Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions

With this ebook, there are very tangible advantages that you stand to gain as you prepare for the examination. The ebook offers you the chance to streamline your preparatory study to specific areas of importance. It also informs you on the technicalities of the questions (so you wouldn’t be caught in a no-man’s land when you see the questions in the exams). Furthermore, with the practice of the ebook you can be rest assured that a handful of the actual exam questions have been handled since some are likely to repeat. Below are some samples for you to try:

Samples of Kwara State College of Nursing Past Questions

  1. In the electrolytic extraction of aluminum, the function of the molten cryolite is to

A) precipitatealuminiumhdroxide

B) lower the melting point of aluminium oxide

C) act as a raw materials

D) act as a solvent

2. Which of the following traits in humans is not a morphological variation?

A) Height

B) Shape of head

C) Colour of skin

D) Ability to roll the tongue

3. The defect of the eye lens which occurs as a result of weak ciliary muscles is called

A) astigmatism

B) hypermetropia

C) myopia

D) presbyopia

E) spherical aberration

4. One of the products of the thermal decomposition of sodium trioxonitrate (V) is

A) sodium

B) nitrogen

C) sodiumdioxonitrate (III)

D) sodium oxide

5. The blood group in humans referred to as a universal recipient is

A) O

B) A

C) B


6. The wave theory of light does not explain photoelectricity because

A) light waves carry little energy

B) particles cannot be emitted by waves

C) the frequency of light waves too high

D) there is a threshold wavelength for electron emission

E) the wavelength of Light waves is too short.

7. A cracking process in petroleum refining can be represented by

A) heptane to heptene

B) heptane to 3-methylhexane

C) heptane to propene and butane

D) heptane to 2,3,3-trimethybutane

8. If a heterozygous red flowered plant, (Rr) was self-fertilized, the offspring would be expected to be

A) all red flowered plants

B) all white flowered plants

C) red flowered, white flowered plants

D) white flowered red flowered plants

9. An observer heard the sound of thunder 5.8s after the lightning flash was seen. How far was he from the source? [Speed of sound in air = 330ms-1]

A) 957m

B) 1914m

C) 3828m

D) 8700m

E) 17400m

10. Which of the following molecules has two other positional isomers?



C) CBr2F2


11. The contrasting pair of genes affecting a trait and located at the same position on homologous chromosomes is referred to as

A) chromatids

B) mutants

C) alleles

D) chromatin

Subjects’ combination

  1. English,
  2. Biology,
  3. Physics,
  4. Chemistry

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