Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode Past Questions and Answers

By | July 18, 2020

Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode Past Questions and answers are available here for you. This portal offers school of nursing past questions for Kwara State College of Nursing Oke Ode. In it are questions and answers in Physics, Chemistry, English Language and Biology.

Sample Questions:

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1. The first scientist to describe the cell was

A) Theodor Schwann
B) Felix Dujardin
C) Robert Hooke
D) Charles Darwin
E) Matthias Schleiden

2. The reddish–brown rust on ion roofing sheets consists of

A) Fe3 + (H2O)6
B) FeO.H2O
C) Fe2O3.3H2O
D) Fe3O4.2H22O

3. An object is placed 15cm in front of a concave mirror of focal length 20cm. The image formed is

A) real, inverted and diminished
B) real, inverted and magnified
C) virtual, erect and diminished
D) virtual, erect and magnified
E) virtual, inverted and magnified

4. In which of the following parts of a cell is the chromosome fund?

A) Nucleus
B) Golgi body
C) Cytoplasm
D) Cell membrane
E) Cell wall

5. The densities of two gases, X and Y are 0.5gdm-3 and 2.0gdm-3 respectively. What is the rate of diffusion of X relative to Y?

A) 0.1
B) 0.5
C) 2.0
D) 4.0

6. Which material is best for making a permanent magnet?

A) aluminium
B) cobalt
C) copper
D) soft iron
E) steel

7.Which of the following diseases is caused by deficiency of insulin in the body?

A) Malaria
B) Diabetes mellitus
C) Hepatitis
D) Gonorrhoea
E) Cholera

8. The carbon atoms on ethane are

A) sp2 hybridized
B) sp3 hybridized
C) sp4 hybridized
D) sp hybridized

9. A cell can supply currents of 0.60 A and 0.30 A through a 2.0 ω and a 5.0 ω resistor respectively. What is the internal resistance of the cell?

A) 0.2 ω
B) 0.4 ω
C) 1.0 ω
D) 3.0 ω
E) 9.0 ω

10. Which of the following is the medium of transportation of nutrients with unicellular organisms?
A) Blood
B) Serum
C) Protoplasm
D) Plasma
E) lymph

11. According to Charle’s law, the volume of a gas becomes zero at

A) −100°c
B) −273°c
C) −373°c
D) 0°c

12. Which statement is a correct consequence of the uncertainly principle?

A) A particle’s kinetic energy cannot be measured accurately at any time
B) Both momemtum and energy of a particle can be known with absolute certainly
C) It is possible to measure exactly both the position and momentum of a particle at the same time
D) The complete knowledge of the position of a particle implies the complete ignorance of its energy
E) The uncertainty in our knowledge of energy and the duration taken to measure it, are each less than Planck’s constant.

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