Kazaure School of Health Technology Past Questions and Answers

Kazaure School of Health Technology Past Questions

Kazaure School of Health Technology Past Questions: You’ve arrived at the past questions center for the Kazaure School of Health Technology entrance exams. Here, we make it easier for prospective applicants to access questions from previous versions of the exams. We also go so far as to collect questions from the previous five editions, totaling 300 questions, and compile them into a single ebook (pdf).

Kazaure School of Health Technology Past Questions

The following are some of the reasons why this ebook is a must-have: It is possible to do well on an exam without having studied any of the previous questions. However, if you research these questions thoroughly, you have a good chance of doing better. This is because they allow you to concentrate on the areas that the examiners have been focusing over time. There is also the opportunity to become acquainted with the manner in which questions are posed, as well as the opportunity to see and solve certain questions as they would appear in the examination. Here are a few examples of questions:

Sample Kazaure School of Health Technology Past Questions

  1. Which of the following components make up an ecosystem?

A) Decomposers, animals and non-living factors

B) Living and non-living factors

C) Plants and non-living factors

D) Plants decomposers and non-living factor

2. A gaseous metallic chloride MClx consists of 20.22% of M by mass. The formula of the chloride is [M = 27, Cl = 35.5]

A) MCl

B) MCl2

C) MCl3

D) M2Cl6

3. The ability of the eye to focus on objects at various distances is known as 

A) accommodation

B) astigmatism

C) eye ring

D) myopia

E) presbyopia

4. The major problem experienced by organisms living in small water bodies is

A) drying up

B) oxygen deficiency

C) scarcity of food

D) wave action

5. In which of the following are water molecules in the most disorderly arrangement?

A) Ice at -10°C

B) Ice at 0°C

C) Water at 100°C

D) Steam at 100°C

6. Which colour is deviated least when white light passes through a triangular prism?

A) green

B) indigo

C) orange

D) violet

E) yellow

7. The capillarity of a soil refers to

A) the particle size of soil

B) how easily water passes through soil

C) how well water rises up in soil

D) proportion of water a soil holds

8. You are provided with five gas jars containing SO2, CO2, H2, CO and NO respectively. Select a test from A to E which will identify ANY ONE of the gases completely

A) pass each gas into lime water

B) pass each gas into water and test with litmus paper

C) pass each gas into concentrated sulphuric acid

D) expose each gas to atmospheric air

E) expose each gas to fumes of hydrogen chloride

9. An astronaut is walking on the moon where the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity “g’ is one-sixth that on earth. Compared with their magnitudes on the earth, his mass and weight on the moon are 

A) both less

B) less and the same respectively

C) the same and less respectively

D) the same as on earth

E) both greater.

10. An organism at the start of a food chain that provides the total input energy into an ecosystem is the

A) sun

B) producer

C) consumer

D) decomposer

Subjects Combination for Kazaure School of Health Technology Entrance Examinations.

  1. English
  2. Physics
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry

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