JUPEB Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Examinations (All Schools)

By | July 5, 2020

JUPEB Past Questions: Do you desire to obtain JUPEB past question papers so you can aid your studies and preparations? Are you also aspiring to take JUPEB exams this year? This page offers you compiled copies of JUPEB past questions and answers drafted from past examinations conducted by Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB). Most of these compilations are also combines series of exam papers from different institutions running JUPEB programs. JUPEB exams past questions are provided in PDF soft copies for download.

How Relevant is JUPEB Past Questions?

Candidates whose interest are focused on passing JUPEB exams will find this ebook useful. It is recommended that you study these past questions so you understand the exams format, and also know what the exams setting look like. One of the benefit of this ebook is that you will be exposed to so questions which are more likely to repeat in the coming exams. The following are what you stand to benefit from these past questions.

  1. Exposure to exams setting
  2. Broad knowlege as many questions and answers are provided from different subjects
  3. Exposure to most repeated questions over the years.

JUPEB Past Questions and Answers

All Science subjects and all Arts subjects are available and provided for candidates in any of this category. The subjects listed below are available here for download. You can pick from these subjects if it falls under you required subjects for JUPEB exams. They are;

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Biology
  6. Economics
  7. Financial Accounting
  8. Agricultural Science
  9. Christian Religious Studies (CRK)
  10. Business Studies
  11. French
  12. Geograpghy
  13. Government
  14. History
  15. Islamic Religious Studies (IRS)
  16. Literature in English
  17. Music
  18. Visual Arts
  19. Yoruba.

Samples of JUPEB Past Questions

1. The study of Economics becomes necessary because of
A. utility derived from a commodity
B. needs to draw up a scale of preference
C. opportunity cost of goods and services
D. scarcity of resources

2. Moses bought a pair of shoes instead of a face cap. His real cost therefore is
A. the shoes
B. the face cap
C. the price of face cap
D. the price of shoes

3. Resources are scarce in relations to
A. choice
B. the demand for them
C. limited wants
D. their scale of preference

4. Which of these is a measure of central tendency?
A. mode
B. variance
C. standard deviation
D mean deviation

5. Production cost such as rent, depreciation and interest are referred to as
A. total cost
B. average cost
C. marginal cost
D. fixed cost

6. The satisfaction derived by an individual from consuming one additional unit of a commodity is known as
A. marginal utility
B. marginal output
C. diminishing utility
D. increasing utility

7. If a factory worker performs only one small operation many times during each working day, it may lead to
A. division of labour
B. monotony of the work
C. increase in production
D. loss of working hours

8. A nation with a working population that is sufficient to exploit its resources is said to be having
A. optimum population
B. underpopulation
C. overpopulation
D. occupational population

9. If the fixed cost is ₦600.00, variable cost is ₦400.00 and total output is 100. What is the average cost?
A. ₦10.00
B. ₦I1.00
C. ₦20.00
D. ₦12.00

10. In a centrally planned economy, the economic problem of deciding what to produce is dependent on
A. private enterprise
B. state command
C. relative prices
D. input cost

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