FTH Ido-Ekiti School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

FTH Ido-Ekiti School of Nursing Past Questions PDF – FTH Ido-Ekiti School of Nursing Past Questions and answers. Up to date FTH Ido Ekiti School of Nursing Past Questions Download.

Here on this page, we are determined to help you succeed in the forthcoming entrance examination and we will do this as we provide you with the FTH Ido-Ekiti School of Nursing Past Questions and answers that will help you prepare for yourself confidently in advance. we urged you to Study the sample questions for FTH Ido Ekiti School of Nursing Past Questions and answers below, then proceed to place an order for the complete past questions which has more than 300 questions and answers.

Sample Questions


  1. The pressure applied to an enclosed fluid at one end is transmitted equally throughout the fluid and to the container wall. This statement is
    A. Archimede’s principle
    B. Bernouli’s principle
    C. Pascal’s principle
    D. Heisenberg’s principle

2. The diagram given illustrates a waveform. Determine the speed of the wave
A. 5.4 ms-1
B. 8.4 ms-1
C. 9.6 ms-1
D. 10.0 ms-1

3. What type of wave is emitted by a loudspeaker?
A. Transverse
B. Longitudinal
C. Gamma
D. Radio

4. An object is placed 15cm from a diverging lens of focal length 1cm. The image of the object formed by the lens in
A. real and 6.67cm from the lens
B. virtual and 6.67cm from the lens
C. real and 60.00cm from the lens
D. virtual and 60.00cm from the lens

5. Which of the following types of lenses is suitable for correcting the eye defect illustrated by the ray diagram above
A. Bi-converging
B. Bi-diverging
C. Plano diverging
D. Diverging meniscus

6. A swimming pool is .1m deep. If it contains water of refractive index 1.3, calculate the apparent depth of pool
A. 3.4m
B. 2.7m
C. 1.6m
D. 0.8m

7. When an air column is set into vibrations, the distance between two consecutive nodes of the resultant wave is
A. one-quarter of the wavelength
B. half of the wavelength
C. the wavelength
D. twice the wavelength

8. A girl standing some distance from the cliff claps her hands and hears the echo 0.8s later. calculate her distance from the cliff. [speed of sound in air = 320 ms-1]
A. 82m
B. 102m
C. 128m
D. 140m

9. Red light travels faster than blue light when both of them pass through a glass prism because the
A. refractive index of red light is greater than that of blue light
B. refractive index of blue light is greater than that of red light
C. red light is more intense than the blue light
D. blue light is more intense than the red light

10. An object is placed 20cm from a concave mirror of focal length 15cm. Calculate the linear magnification of the image formed
A. 0.5
B. 1.5
C. 2.0
D. 3.0


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