FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Exams

FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions

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Sample Past Questions:

  1. If Amoeba is placed in a salt solution.the contractile vacuoles would

A) be bursting more frequently

B) be more numerous

C) be formed less frequently

D) grow bigger before they burst

2. Which of the following pairs of musical instruments produce sound due to the vibration of air column?

A) Bell and piano

B) Guitar and flute

C) Trumpet and drum

D) Trumpet and flute

E) Violin and organ

3. The basic assumption in the kinetic theory of gases that the collisions of the gaseous molecules are perfectly elastic implies that the

A) forces of attraction and repulsion are in equilibrium

B) gaseous molecules can occupy any available space

C) gaseous molecules will continue their motion indefinitely

D) gases can be compressed

4. In which of the following habitats is paramecium not found?

A) Pond

B) Aquarium

C) Lake

D) Puddle

5. Calculate the heat energy lost when 10g of boiling water changes to ice at 0°C. [Specific latent heat of ice 336Jg-1 . Specific heat capacity of water 4.2Jg-1 K-1]

A) 840J

B) 3360J

C) 3420J

D) 4200J

E) 7560J

6. Cathode rays causes an object placed behind a perforated anode to cast a shadow on the screen. This observation shows that the rays

A) are positively charged

B) are negatively charged

C) have mass

D) travel in straight lines

7. The following processes are involved in water movement in the endodermis except

A) osmosis

B) vacuolar pathway

C) diffusion

D) active transport

8. Which quantum number divides shells into orbitals?

A) principal

B) Azimuthal

C) Magnetic

D) Spin

9. The phenomenon of photoelectric effect is used in the following EXCEPT

A) automatic doors

B) bugler alarm

C) electric fire alarm

D) sound production from film tracks

E) television cameras

10. Cells that utilise a lot of energy are characterized by the presence of a large number of

A) vacuoles

B) mitochondria

C) endoplasmic reticulum

D) ribosomes

11. Which of the following statements about water is NOT correct?

A) Pure water freezes at 0°C under normal pressure

B) The volume of a given mass of water at 0° is less than its volume at 4°C

C) Water boils at a definite temperature

D) Water evaporates at all temperatures

E) Water has its maximum density at 4°C

12. The type of bonding in {Cu(NH3)4}2+ is

A) coordinate

B) electrovalent

C) metallic

D) covalent

13. Secondary growth is brought about by the activities of the

A) phellogen and phelloderm

B) phellogen and procambium.

C) vascular cambium and phelloderm

D) vascular cambium and phellogen

14. A body accelerating will have a constant speed if it is

A) falling from a height

B) in equilibrium

C) moving in a circular path

D) moving in a straight line

E) oscillating

15 The mixture of gases used in a photographer’s flash tube is

A) argon and krypton

B) krypton and xenon

C) helium and argon

D) argon and xenon

16. A monocot root is different from a dicot root by having

A) endodermis

B) cambium

C) wide pith

D) root hair.

17. When sodium trioxocarbonate (IV) decahydrate loses its water of crystallization to the atmosphere, the process is

A) deliquescence

B) efflorescence

C) hygroscopic

D) effervescence

FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions

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Subject Combination for the FETHA School of Nursing Exams Past Questions 

The FETHA School of Nursing entrance examination questions are usually divided into English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

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FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions

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