EKSUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Exams

EKSUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

EKSUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and answers:This is the place where you have access to the Ekiti State School University of Nursing EKSUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers even as you prepare for the upcoming examination. We provide you with a comprehensive compilation of the past questions collected from the past 5 years’ exams. These questions are incorporated into a single pdf formatted ebook for your ease of practice. Below are a few samples form the ebook:

SampleS of EKSUTH School of Nursing Past Questions:

  1. Which statement about the concept of temperature is NOT true?

A) Temperature decides the direction of heat flow between two bodies

B) Temperature is a measure of coldness of a body

C) Temperature is a vector quantity

D) Temperature is a measure of hotness of a body.

E) Temperature scales include Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin

2. The respiratory organ found in the cockroach is the

A) air sac

B) trachea

C) lung book

D) lung

E) gill

3. Calculate the mass of copper deposited when a current of 0.5 ampere was passed through a solution of copper(II) chloride for 45 minutes in an electrolytic cell. [Cu = 64, F = 96500Cmol-1]

A) 0.300g

B) 0.250g

C) 0.2242g

D) 0.448g

4. Which is a stringed Instrument?

A) drum

B) flute

C) piano

D) saxophone

E) trumpet

5. Which of the following organs is associated with deamination of proteins?

A) lung

B) stomach

C) kidney

D) liver

E) heart

6. C3H5 – COH3 =CH2

The IUPAC nomenclature of the structure above is

A) 3-methybut-3-ene

B) 2-methylbut-1-ene

C) 2-ethylprop-1-ene

D) 2-methylbut-2-ene

7. The wavelength of a stationary wave is 24.0cm. What is the distance between a node and the next antinodes?

A) 6.0cm

B) 12.0cm

C) 18.0cm

D) 24.0cm

E) 48.0cm

8. Ultrafiltration in the kidney takes place in the

A) loop of Henle

B) renal vein

C) Bowman’s capsule

D) pelvis

E) pyramid

9. Tin is unaffected by air at ordinary temperature due to its

A) Low melting point

B) Weak electropositive character

C) High boiling point

D) White lustrous appearance

10. Notes of the same frequency sounded on a piano and on a flute may differ in

I. pitch


III. Loudness

 A) I only

B) II only

C) I and III only

D) II and III only

E) I, II and III

11. Which of the following structures functions as an excretory system found in flatworm?

A) Contractile vacuole

B) Nephridium

C) Flame cell

D) Malpighiam tubule

E) Kidney

12. Calculate the amount in moles of silver deposited when 9650C of electricty is passed through a solution of silver salt [= 96500 Cmol-1]

A) 0.05

B) 10.80

C) 10.00

D) 0.10

EKSUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

If you still need reasons to help you decide upon acquiring the ebook, then I will gladly leave you with three. First, the ebook opens you up to the areas which you are supposed to concentrate on. Second, it affords you the opportunity to understand the maneuverings of the examiners so as not to be surprised in the examination hall. Third, there is a likelihood that at least 40 to 60 % of the questions in this ebook might repeat in the exams.

Subjects Combination for EKSUTH School of Nursing Entrance Examinations

  1. English,
  2. Physics,
  3. Chemistry, and
  4. Biology

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